After media calls nomination for Hillary, Bernie supporters threaten the UNTHINKABLE…

Bernie Sanders and his supporters seem to be having a hard time coping with the suggestion that rival Hillary Clinton has now secured enough delegates to clinch the Democrat party nomination. As we reported last night, Bernie himself argues the race is not over yet — and he continues to hope he can turn enough superdelegates to his side between now and then.

Apparently, Bernie supporters are resorting to other means to get their way. Like the ones who apparently are threatening to “shoot the messenger” — perhaps quite literally.

One reporter for The New York Times reports she’s received multiple threats from Bernie supporters simply for reporting on the news that Hillary Clinton has clinched the nomination.

Bernie fans threaten NYC

In case you’re wondering, this is precisely what sparked the different kind of burn in Bernie supporters:

NYT Hillary clinch

And have you seen this splashed all over the mainstream media, as they propagate a narrative of how violent and unglued Sanders supporters are? This isn’t the first evidence of violent tendencies by Sanders supporters; just last week, they were caught on video attacking attendees at a Trump rally (never mind that they were inadvertently attacking fellow Bernie supporters).

But of course you haven’t. It doesn’t fit the narrative that Trump and his supporters have cornered the market on hateful rhetoric and violence.

[H/T WZ]

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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