Obama reveals STUNNING reason he can’t wait to hit presidential campaign trail…

As if the president’s intentions weren’t already clear enough, the White House today hinted that Obama may officially endorse frenemy Hillary Clinton as early as this week — just after she crosses the delegate threshold to secure the Democrat nomination, as she’s expected to do Tuesday evening. As The Hill reports, White House spokesperson Josh Earnest hinted that the endorsement could come as early as Wednesday.

A cryptic Earnest was repeatedly badgered by reporters about the timing of an endorsement. He opened the door to the possibility one could come on Wednesday.

Asked why the president would not endorse the day after the primary, Earnest said with a smile, “I don’t know, maybe he would.”

And while that’s not surprising really, what is stunning is how “in demand” on the campaign trail the president believes himself to be — even occupying a “unique place in history” because of it.

Yeah. Hold on to your stomachs, folks.

“The president intends … to engage in this campaign,” Earnest said. 

He noted that Obama has a “unique place in our history” because it’s been at least a generation since a two-term president was “in demand” by party leaders and candidates to campaign for them.

Yes, our narcissist-in-chief is now touting his “unique place in history” because of the supposed “demand” for him out on the campaign trail. Hilarious — in a funny-sad kind of way — given the president’s dismal record that is only becoming more clearly disastrous with time. Like the horrific jobs report last week, for example. Or the global chaos and danger continuing to spin out of control. Of course, we could go on… and on…

While it will no doubt be maddening to hear the dynamic duo of President Obama and former Secretary of State Clinton tout their “successes,” at least it’s heartening to know Donald Trump will not let them go unchecked.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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