Uh oh: Newt says Trump just made one of his WORST mistakes…

Newt Gingrich has been one of the more steadfast Trump supporters — even before he became the presumptive nominee. Gingrich’s name has even come up as one of the more serious contenders for Trump’s running mate.

When others have been critical of Trump’s remarks, Gingrich has often come to his defense. But it appears Trump’s attacks on a Hispanic judge’s heritage were too much even for Gingrich.

Via Mediate:

On Fox News Sunday this morning, Gingrich told Chris Wallace, “This is one of the worst mistakes Trump has made. I think it’s inexcusable.”

He said the judge is not Mexican, he’s “an American, period.” Gingrich even observed, “If a liberal were to attack Justice Clarence Thomas on the grounds that he’s black, we would all go crazy.”

Of course, we know all too well that, while liberals may not openly attack a conservative on the basis of race or gender, a woman or person of color who openly espouses conservatism is subject to a special kind of vitriol from the left, including names like ‘Uncle Tom’ for a black conservative. But somehow that’s just honky dory for liberals.

Wallace asked if the attack is racist. Gingrich said it’s a “mistake.”

Watch for yourself:


Gingrich did point out Trump’s right to criticize a judge — unlike some who have this notion that a sitting judge is somehow above reproach.

He has every right to criticize a judge, and has ever right to say certain decisions aren’t right, and his attorneys can file to move the venue from the judge.

Indeed, there is much evidence to suggest Trump has grounds for challenging the judge’s decisions — such as appointing law firms to the prosecution with clear and substantial ties to Trump’s likely presidential challenger, Hillary Clinton. And, yes, it might even appear that the judge’s involvement in Latino activist groups — San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association — could cloud his objectivity in this case.

Unfortunately, the substance underneath Trump’s allegations have been all but lost in the controversy around his manner of raising them.

What do y’all think?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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