Forget bathrooms; look what lefties are making gender neutral NOW

As we debate transgender bathrooms in America, Canada has been taking the gender insanity to a whole new level.

Back in 2014, a number of Canadian schools did away with gendered pronouns, and instead opted to use genderless pronouns such as “xe, xem, and xir.” Since then, Canada has elected a new far-left prime minister, one who said he wouldn’t bomb ISIS, even if they attacked Canada, and identifies as a feminist. He also believes “if you kill your enemies they win,” and that it’s “offensive” to call honor killings barbaric.

So you can probably imagine he’s not the most rational when it comes to the gender insanity of today.

Apparently even the country’s national anthem is too gendered for the modern age. MSN reports:

The Canadian parliament is close to adopting a bill that would change the national anthem – O Canada – to make it gender-neutral.

The bill, affecting only the English-language lyrics, would change “in all thy sons command” to “in all of us command.”

The initiative, strongly backed by the new Liberal government, overwhelmingly passed two readings this week in the House of Commons, was sent to a heritage committee then went back to the Commons for a third reading. If it passes, as expected, it would then go to the Senate and could be adopted officially this summer, or, more likely, in the fall.

 After passing the second reading this week by a wide margin, 219-79, MPs on both sides of the House burst into an impromptu singing of O Canada.

We are in 2016. The Canadian population will understand why we want to make the change,” said New Democrat MP Christine Moore during the debate, MRC-TV reports. “It is not a big change, and there will not be a big difference in the national anthem, but the difference is significant for women all across Canada.”

It is indeed the current year! Moore’s comment literally reads like a headline from satirical newspaper The Onion: “Report: Stating Current Year Still Leading Argument for Social Reform.”

Canada’s citizens never asked for their national anthem to be changed, and this has never even been an issue among the public. Today’s social justice warriors behave more like cultural imperialists than representatives of the people. And they have to — no sane person is buying what they’re selling.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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