These are the most CLUELESS “social justice warriors” EVER

Liberals: looking to fight misogyny wherever it exists — and wherever it doesn’t. Unless the perpetrator is Muslim.

I don’t think that fact is illustrated any more perfectly than this photo snapped at a recent protest.


And no – this isn’t stereotyping all Muslims as misogynistic. But it is however hard to argue that the ideology of Islam is not inherently misogynistic.

In Islam, a woman is only entitled to half the inheritance of a man (Quran 4:11), and their testimony in court only counts as half of a man’s (Quran 2:282). Granted, it’s hard for women to be good witnesses when they’re instructed not to make eye contact with men in public (Quran 24:31), but Mohammad himself said that this is because “[There] is the deficiency in her intelligence” (Bukhari 6:301). Imagine how liberals would react if Donald Trump made that kind of assessment of a woman.

There are many, many more similar verses – and those are just the disturbing verses against women.

Meanwhile, liberals are still trying to figure out where ISIS derives their inspiration.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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