MUTINY? Democrat superdelegate now calling for the UNTHINKABLE

One of the ironies — some might say, hypocrisies — in the Democrat presidential primary process is that the party leaders, who’ve supposedly cornered the market on “standing up for the little people,” hold the potential, through party superdelegates, to override the will of the “little” people. As many have noticed this election cycle in particular, there have been states where Sen. Bernie Sanders has won the primary vote, yet walked away with fewer delegates.

Despite having won 47% of pledged delegates thus far, it’s widely been declared that Sen. Bernie Sanders has no real path to the nomination — because while the margin of pledged delegates between the two candidates could easily be closed up with next week’s California primary, it doesn’t matter because of Hillary Clinton’s more than 10-1 lead in superdelegates.

Well, one high-profile superdelegate — a Hillary Clinton superdelegate, no less — is calling for a change that could open the path to the nomination for Bernie. Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) is calling for the elimination of superdelegates.

The Queen will NOT be pleased.

As The Blaze reports:

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) may be a superdelegate for Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton, but that doesn’t mean he’s completely on board with the process.

Speaking to those gathered for the Common Good Forum on U.S. security and economy at a private club in Manhattan last week, Rendell said that he’s spoken to the former secretary of state and implored her to come together with her Democratic nomination rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.), to call for the elimination of the superdelegates.

“I’ve urged Secretary Clinton to have a press conference with Sen. Sanders to say they both are going to recommend to the platform committee to put in our platform the recommendation that the [Democratic National Committee] organization, which controls this, to eliminate superdelegates, that would be No. 1,” Rendell, the former DNC chairman, said.

“Although, let’s be clear about one thing: Unlike what the Sanders folks say, Hillary Clinton is not going to win because of superdelegates,” Rendell continued, adding that Clinton would still beat Sanders even without the superdelegates.

Um, are we sure about that? Perhaps Gov. Rendell might want to take a look at the latest pledged delegate count. With just 268 pledged delegates separating Bernie from Hillary, he could conceivably catch up to Hillary with a strong showing in California’s primary next week. Whereas California was once deemed Hillary’s for the taking (as was the nomination in general), recent polls show a head-to-head race, with Bernie showing upward momentum in the lead-up to the primary — even edging out Hillary in the most recent poll. And we know from history (Michigan, for example), that Bernie has the potential to upend the polls — and upset the Queen in the process.

California’s huge 475 delegate prize is divided proportionally, so if Bernie continues his upward momentum in California, he could walk away with a significant chunk.

Dem delegates

In an election cycle that has tossed conventional wisdom, political correctness and much of the “establishment” out the window, are superdelegates next?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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