BREAKING: As verdict announced for Minnesota ISIS men, family whispers this…

The verdict has just come in for the nation’s biggest federal ISIS-related (ISIL for you libs out there) prosecution so far — and just the third to reach trial. Three Minnesota men have been found guilty by a Minneapolis jury of conspiring to support a foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit murder abroad.

The verdict was read in front of an audience that included both defendants and their families — who were heard saying “Bismillah bismillah,” which means, “In the name of Allah” as the judge entered the courtroom to hear the verdict.

As the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports:

The three defendants — Abdirahman Daud, 22; Mohamed Farah, 22; and Guled Omar, 21 — now face sentences of up to life in federal prison.

As the verdicts were read to a hushed federal courtroom at 1:30, relatives of the three young men could be heard weeping in the gallery, while other spectators left the courtroom in tears. Omar placed one hand over his face and his attorney, Glenn Bruder, quietly shook his head.

On a list of separate charges, the jury found Farah guilty of making false statements to federal authorities, but found Daud not guilty of perjury.

The verdicts capped three days of deliberations by the 12-member jury and a three-week trial that featured dramatic, contentious testimony by a colleague of the three who became a paid government informant and by two other friends who pleaded guilty and assisted federal prosecutors. The proceedings were interrupted several times by disputes that broke out in the packed courtroom, apparently between Somali-American families who found themselves on opposite sides of the case.

The case was the nation’s biggest federal ISIL-related prosecution so far, and just the third to reach trial, with the result that it was closely watched around the country by prosecutors, civil libertarians and terrorism scholars. Of particular interest was the large number of defendants charged and their connections to friends who had succeeded in leaving the United States and joining the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant.

As everyone stood when Judge Davis entered the courtroom, families behind the media bench were heard saying, “Bismillah bismillah,” which means, “In the name of Allah,” and is said before the beginning of an event.

Of course, as our own President Obama likes to point out, ISIS (or ISIL, as he insists on saying) has nothing to do with Islam.

As Fox News notes, the Minnesota case is unique not only as the biggest federal ISIS case to go to trial, but also because of the sheer number of people who were connected to each other on a personal level. In other cases, most recruitment has been done online.

Not a comforting thought.

Meanwhile, my home state (yes, I — Michelle Jesse — am one of the rare conservatives brave or stupid enough to make my home in Minneapolis), has only moved to make our state MORE welcoming to refugees from ISIS hotbeds — despite lacking sufficient intelligence to effectively screen them to protect citizens from the terrorists who wish to infiltrate. Our governor, Mark Dayton — whose only qualification to be governor is being an heir to the Dayton family (from which everyone’s favorite low-cost retailer Target was spawned) has even gone so far to tell those of us who don’t like the idea, just move:

“If you are that intolerant, if you are that much of a racist or a bigot, then find another state.

How “Minnesota Nice” of him!

However, this is my hometown, my family is here and there are many of us here who are just not ready to cede this otherwise great state to the libs and terrorists yet — we’ll continue to hold the fort here in Minnesota.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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