BREAKING: Deadly discovery in killer’s home reveals UCLA shooting WORSE than thought…

Police today have discovered a third victim of the shooter who killed a professor and then himself yesterday on the campus of UCLA. A search of Mainak Sarkar’s home in Minnesota revealed a stock of ammunition, along with a “kill list” — which led police to the home of a woman found shot to death in a Minneapolis suburb. They believe Sarkar killed the woman in Minnesota days ago before driving to Los Angeles to commit yesterday’s murder. Police report he “was prepared to engage multiple victims.”

Via Fox News:

A UCLA student who shot and killed a mechanical engineering professor in a campus building Wednesday morning was heavily armed, had a “kill list” and was responsible for the death of a Minnesota woman, police said Thursday.

Mainak Sarkar, 38, shot Prof. William Klug to death in his office, reportedly because he believed Klug stole computer code from him. Sarkar later shot and killed himself. Sarkar had multiple magazines of ammunition and multiple loose rounds of ammunition.

“He was prepared to engage multiple victims,” Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck said on Thursday.

Minnesota police said Thursday afternoon that Sarkar also killed an unnamed woman in that state, though no motive or relationship between the two was identified. Authorities did not say when the woman was killed, only that Sarkar drove 2,000 miles from his home in Minnesota to Los Angeles sometime after her killing to begin his assault on UCLA.

Some outlets, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, are reporting the woman’s identity as Ashley Hasti, a student at the University of Minnesota Medical School. There is speculation that Hasti may have been Sarkar’s girlfriend.

Police are still searching for Sarkar’s 2003 Gray Nissan Sentra, which officials believe “may contain evidence.”

Sarkar graduated UCLA in 2013 with a masters degree and Beck said it was unlikely Sarkar’s victim at the school “expected to see him.”

Minnesota authorities said they were asked by the LAPD to perform a welfare check at a residence just after Midnight on Thursday. Inside the house, officers found a female dead from a gunshot wound. The woman was on a “hit list” kept by Sarkar, officials said.

Beck said during an interview on KTLA that the list identified another potential target — a UCLA professor who was not harmed during Wednesday’s incident. That professor’s name was not released.

“There is no good reason for this,” Beck said.

Beck said a note found at the Los Angeles murder scene listed Sarkar’s Minnesota address and asked the finder to check on Sarkar’s cat.

There was “no immediate evidence” to suggest any other crimes, Beck said.


It’s too early to jump to too many conclusions, though that didn’t stop liberals from labeling the Indian Sarkar as a “white” gun nut. But it sure looks likely, at first blush, that shooter Sarkar had some serious mental health issues that led him to such tragic acts. Once again, it’s not the guns or the ammo that should be pointed to; rather, the people who are using them as tools in their sick and troubled missions.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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