Black Lives Matter just made history in the most DISTURBING way…

Another racial milestone has just been achieved by the Black Lives Matter movement, in the group’s apparent goal of setting race relations back another century. Destroying private property and inciting racial hatred has yet to end police brutality, but they have been making progress elsewhere.

For the first time, an African American — a leader of BLM, no less — has been indicted on charges of lynching.

Pasadena News Now reports:

A visibly shaken Jasmine Richards, leader of Black Lives Matter Pasadena, stood in a corner Wednesday morning, huddled against a soda machine, on the ground floor of the Pasadena Courthouse, trembling, as her attorney, Nana Gyamfi, consoled her.

The verdict in her felony “lynching” case was in. The charge is now officially known as Attempting to Unlawfully Remove a Suspect from Police Officers, but until quite recently, CA Penal Code § 405a described the charge of “taking by means of a riot of any person from the lawful custody of any peace officer” as “a lynching.”

Richards, 28, was the first African-American ever actually tried on these charges, said Gyamfi. Others had been initially charged, but the charges had been eventually dropped or reduced. No African-American had actually ever stepped into a courtroom to face the charge.

Richards has been a very visible member of the Black Lives Matter Pasadena community over the last year. Richards, stoic at first, now broke down at what she was facing, weeping inconsolably, afraid to go upstairs to face the verdict. “I don’t want go to jail,” Richards said, crying harder. “I don’t want to go through this anymore.”

To give some background on her charges, back in September of last year the LA Times reported:

Pasadena police arrested Jasmine Richards earlier this week as part of an investigation into a group of people they claim interfered with the arrest of a battery suspect Aug. 29 at a local park. The group consisted of members of Black Lives Matter activists. Richards, who was arrested Wednesday, pleaded not guilty Friday to one felony of trying to free a person from custody and is due back in court later this month. She faces up to two years in jail if convicted, prosecutors said.

Richards had been attempting to prevent police from arresting a woman who had refused to pay for a meal. Sometime during the arrest, police say that Richards encouraged the other activists to “riot” and then tried to free the suspect.

Liberals have predictably attacked the charges as more than just “ironic,” just “disgusting” as well — because apparently only white people are allowed to be charged with lynching, or something.

Ever notice how those who oppose law enforcement the most tend to be anything but law abiding? One can’t help but wonder if there’s some kind of connection there.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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