Amazing: We’ve finally found something that SHUTS UP Sean Penn

There are times when people’s verbal proclamations say more than their words. Then there are times when their silence speaks volumes — I call that the “cricket effect.” Well, something’s been going on south of the border and it’s been getting the full cricket treatment.

As reported by Fox News Latino, “Since 2013, when Nicolas Maduro assumed presidency in Venezuela and plunging oil prices began wreaking havoc on the country, more than a dozen U.S. companies have been forced to sell, stop or reduce their operations in the South American country in order to avoid damage cause by the economic crisis.

In the past three weeks alone, Coca-Cola announced that it had to stop production in the South American country due to a scarcity of sugar, while Bridgestone, a tire company based in Tennessee, decided to sell their assets to local investors and Kimberly Clark, a paper product company based in Texas, reduced its production by 90 percent. At least 35 companies in the Standards & Poor’s 500 have expressed concerns about Venezuela in the past two months and many have discussed removing Venezuela from its global operations, according to an analysis by USA Today.

That has left Venezuela, already reeling from empty supermarket shelves and a lack of basic goods, with a dearth of American products. The U.S. companies pulling out of Venezuela say they are feeling the squeeze because of the country’s hyperinflation.

“The company hasn’t received dollars to import raw material since January. About 700 workers had to be suspended. We don’t know how much time we can survive like this,” Williams Bolivar, head of Kimberly Clark Worker’s Union, told Fox News Latino. Kimberly Clark headquarters are in Irving, Texas, and it produces paper-based products like Huggies diapers, Scott toilet per and Kotex for feminine hygiene. Last year, the company reported a $460 million in losses due to currency exchange problems in Venezuela. That caused a 4 percent reduction of its global earnings and hurt its stock’s value in Wall Street.”

When the avowed socialist dictator Hugo Chavez ascended to the presidency of Venezuela, he was hailed by droves of progressive socialists here in America. Chavez embarked on the mission to nationalize Venezuela’s production — mainly the oil industry. He made promises to the masses to provide countless “free” benefits and chimed on that it would be provided by the upper income earners.

They fled – many to South Florida. In fact, the expatriate Venezuelan population is so large in the city of Weston, locals have dubbed it “Westonzuela.”

Margaret Thatcher famously said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money,” and that’s clearly evident in Venezuela. When the production class is penalized for producing, they vote with their feet.

We see the same thing happening in America as businesses — and people — are departing economically failing states for economically successful ones — such as you see here in Texas, in places like Ft. Bend County and Frisco. Yet, we still have these befuddling voices singing the praises of socialism — and worse, we have seemingly mindless lemmings who follow.

But, where are those voices when it comes to the apparent disaster and failure evidenced in Venezuela? Yes, the cricket effect. Once upon a time, folks like Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, Danny Glover, and Oliver Stone sang the praises of Hugo Chavez. Where are their voices now?

It was just amazing to watch Democratic socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders evade responding to an inquiry about the events in Venezuela. After all, Venezuela represents exactly what Bernie Sanders is offering America. Now of course, the progressive socialist detractors will say, as they always do, that true socialism was not implemented correctly. That they have a “better plan” of execution — well, in the beginning, they were all celebrating Chavez and his socialist economic policies.

Could this happen in America? Sure — eventually, not overnight, but why dance with the devil by the pale moon light when we all know how socialism ends up?

And all that jazz about going to Cuba for medical care — well, I appreciated being able to drive 10 minutes away here in Dallas to get my pacemaker implanted by an expert. And the only reason I had to wait was because of my speaking schedule. Yet we have folks who drone on about socialized healthcare — no thanks Bernie. And from what it appears ol’ Hugo didn’t fare too well going to Cuba for treatments.

The “silence of the socialist lambs” speaks volumes and is actually quite deafening. The liberal progressive socialist lambs (sheeple) here in America would prefer to ignore what’s happening in Venezuela. They are trying to disavow and dismiss it in every possible way. However, it is happening, and that which they once cheered is collapsing, like every other instance, right before their eyes.

We as Constitutional conservatives need to keep reminding Americans about what’s happening in Venezuela. I just have to wonder how much coverage this story is being given on the mainstream liberal progressive media? And may I remind you of comrade Vladimir Lenin’s words: “the goal of socialism is communism.” So folks, I just gotta ask, what part of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, Bill de Blasio, and Elizabeth Warren do you not comprehend?

I pray every parent who has a child supporting Bernie Sanders sits and shares with them videos and stories from Venezuela. Then again, we have adults who are teaching our kids this foolishness. Think about this: if America faces a similar economic collapse, where do freedom-loving people go?


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