Why aren’t liberals COMPLAINING about what just happened in the NBA playoffs?

For those of you who know me, you’re aware that I’m a big time college football and basketball fan. I normally make annual trips back to Knoxville for Tennessee Volunteers football and this past fall, since I now reside in Dallas, got up to Manhattan Kansas for a K-State game. There’s nothing more exciting to me than the spectacle we know as March Madness. And this past year, the last-second shot enabling Villanova to win the NCAA basketball championship was just a thing of beauty. This year. I did get to attend my first professional football game between Dallas and the Washington Redskins — I can say “Redskins,” right? However, I’ve never attended an NBA game. And truly, NBA isn’t interesting to me until it reaches the conference playoffs.

So, with great interest, I’ve been watching the now-completed Western Conference Championship series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Golden State Warriors. I have to share a funny story… Monday night my oldest daughter Aubrey — who is not an NBA fan — was confused with the whole Oakland and Golden State thing. She thought Oakland was OKC and could not figure out who Golden State was. Too funny. But I digress…

As you may know, or are about to learn, the Golden State Warriors, the defending NBA champions, came back from a 3-1, best of seven deficit, and won the series Monday night defeating Oklahoma City. For the second game in a row they came back from a big 13-point deficit to win the game. Also this past NBA regular season, Golden State set a new single season record for victories, 73-9, breaking the Chicago Bulls previous 72 game record — and they did so with style in the final game, at home in Oakland.

Now you’re saying, why are you sharing all of this with us Colonel? Well, the lesson is simple. The folks there in the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area are in love with the Golden State Warriors. They’re winners, champions and in Oracle Arena they set records for decibel levels as they cheered on their blue and gold clad Warriors.

But yesterday morning as I was doing my morning run, I got to thinking… why do these people cheer so vociferously for a basketball team — or even go nuts over their silver and black Oakland Raiders, San Francisco Giants, Oakland A’s, and the San Francisco 49ers?

The reason I ask is because the Northern California Bay Area is one of the most liberal progressive areas in the United States. We recently shared that San Francisco has renewed its status as a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants, just ten months after a young American woman, Kate Steinle, was gunned down by an illegal immigrant who’d been deported five times. However, he found a home in San Francisco.

Watching the seven games between Golden State and OKC, the fans there in Oracle arena were quick to go nuts over a call by the referees. Yet, when their city council in the area makes a bad call about American sovereignty and the protection of its citizens, not a peep.

And consider the congressional representatives of the area — truly some of THE most liberal progressives in Congress:

Rep. Nancy Pelosi — 12th Congressional District, D+34
Rep. Barbara Lee — 13th Congressional District, D+37

Rep. Jackie Speier — 14th Congressional District, D+23
Rep. Eric Stalwell — 15th Congressional District, D+16
Rep. Mike Honda — 7th Congressional District, D+20
Rep. Anna Eshoo — 8th Congressional District, D+18
Rep. Zoe Lofgren — 19th Congressional District, D+19

The D+ number represents the greater percentage of registered Democrats than Republicans in the respective congressional districts. So, in the Bay Area, where I’m quite sure these folks are cheering on the Golden State Warriors — hmm, isn’t that mascot name offensive — these folks are represented by individuals who tout insidious rhetoric about fairness and fair share. If that’s the case, then why do they want to be champions? After all, isn’t that elitist and reflective of the one-percent? And I mean, to be cheering for Golden State to be repeat, back to back, champions — c’mon, where’s the fairness in that? Look, coming from the people who don’t believe there should be valedictorians and salutatorians because it creates divisions — why cheer for a winning sports team?

Look, I think Golden State should share its Western Conference Championship with Oklahoma City — after all, what about their self-esteem? Heck, why not just get rid of championship trophies and banners and issue every team and players in the NBA participation trophies? And don’t keep score – that’s better for everyone and it would go a long way in not fostering an overly competitive environment. After all, we know that’s the type of situation that creates bullying — should there be a rule in the NBA that a player can only be “guarded” by someone their same size?

Yep, I’m being just a tad facetious and sarcastic. But then again, think about all the things progressive socialists embody and you just have to ask yourself, why are they cheering for winners on the basketball court in Oracle Arena? Yet next week, Tuesday June 7th, many Californians will go out and vote in a primary for a liar and a socialist who certainly will not advance a winning America.

Furthermore, why did they vote for a losing coach, such as Barack Obama? Steve Kerr, the Golden State coach is a champion. He has championship rings from his days with the Chicago Bulls, and now one as a coach. I’m quite sure the folks there in the Bay Area, the Warrior fans, wanted a winning coach, not someone who, when the chips were down for the Warriors at 3-1, just tossed in the towel — or made Golden State get on their knees before the OKC Thunder.

Well, I just find it interesting that such a liberal progressive area, which votes in some of the most liberal progressive socialist representatives in our Congress, cheers for a winning team. They like championships and holding records of immense success, like winning 73 games in one season. Yet, these same folks have no problem with record debt. It’s a perplexing and fascinating phenomenon that folks who advocate for fairness and fair share actually like to be winners, one-percenters.

What does it take for liberal progressives to want the same for our country? For America to be winners — champions — and for individuals to be able to reach for records in building businesses and spurring forth economic growth. Yep, the NBA finals are set — Golden State will face the Cleveland Cavaliers; two cities, run by and represented by folks who don’t believe in individual achievement, success, and championships. Two cities, run by folks who believe in collective egalitarianism and participation trophies, free stuff, for everyone…that’s not how you become a champion, or how you make a nation great.

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