Yes, REALLY: Look who just invented anti-Islamophobia gum

So this opening statement will certainly get us in trouble, but…if you think of comedy, be honest, Muslims are probably not the first group you’d think of as having a sense of humor. Jews? Yes. But Muslims? Not so much.

But who knew? They’re HILARIOUS – well at least the folks at CAIR are.

Yes, those loveable unindicted co-conspirators in the nation’s largest terrorist funding case have actually launched what they call a “satirical campaign” to combat Islamophobia with a gag product called “Islamophobin” introduced by this outrageous video.

We kid you not.

According to the official website, ISLAMOPHOBIN® is a multi-symptom relief for chronic Islamophobia.

The maximum strength formula treats:

> Blind Intolerance
> Unthinking Bigotry
> Irrational Fear of Muslims
> U.S. Presidential Election Year Scapegoating

HAHAHA! Stop! You’re KILLING me!

ISLAMOPHOBIN® is right for you if you:

> Fear and hate Muslims
> Are suspicious of people who don’t look like you, sound like you, dress like you, or believe as you
> Get abnormally nervous when you see a Muslim or someone who you think is Muslim
> Pray that a Muslim is not on your flight

ROTFL! Seriously! I’m laughing my HEAD off.

ISLAMOPHOBIN® is actually chewing gum (sugar-free of course) and available for purchase on Amazon!

CAIR provides this little rationale: We believe that a little humor goes a long way. With Islamophobia on the rise in the U.S. and other parts of the world, what better way to help dispel the bigotry and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims than through satire? We developed Islamophobin to help “cure” this rampant pandemic.

You’re kidding, right? And when have Muslims exhibited tolerance when “the U.S. and other parts of the world” have used satire as commentary on Islam?

Yet without a morsel of irony, CAIR also says: This campaign was inspired by the efforts of the Muslim community in Sweden.

Oh really? Is it that segment of the Muslim community that’s helped make Sweden the rape capital of the West?

Or the segment of the Muslim community that surrounded 10 policemen and forced them to flee after they arrived to relocate a 10-year-old boy after reports of his repeated rape at a refugee facility?

Or perhaps the Muslim immigrant gangs who’ve carried out a string of burglaries in major cities across the country?

Are those the Muslims in Sweden who inspired this “satirical” campaign?

Because they’re just a barrel of laughs…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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