WSJ makes presidential recommendation NO ONE saw coming…

You probably didn’t see it in the news, but another political party picked its nominee this weekend. Competing against entrepreneurs John McAfee and Austin Petersen, former New Mexico Governor clinched the nomination to represent the Libertarian Party in the presidential election.

With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s status as two of the most disliked presidential candidates ever, many are searching for an alternative. As The Washington Examiner reports, the Wall Street Journal is just the latest to endorse neither or the main candidates, and instead encourage their readership to vote third party: On Tuesday, the paper weighed in on former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party presidential nominee, and said his candidacy may serve as a “safe space” for voters turned off by Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“Third-party presidential candidates are usually gadflies who have little impact, and that includes the nominees of the Libertarian Party over the years,” said the Journal, which has been highly critical of Trump, who has enough delegates to clinch the GOP nomination. “But if there’s going to be an exception, this might be the year given how flawed and widely disliked Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are.”

The paper said Johnson would offer policy alternatives to Trump and Clinton, but acknowledged that his campaign would likely be a bust.

Johnson garnered just under one percent of the popular vote in the 2012 election, with over 1.2 million votes. With circumstances as they are today, polls show 11 percent would consider voting for Johnson. It’s still too soon to predict if they’ll actually follow through however, as many realize they’d be throwing away their vote.

As long as it’s Bernie or Hillary supporters casting their vote towards Johnson, we really can’t complain.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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