Powerful: This needs to be seen by every LIBERAL PUNK who thinks only “Black Lives Matter”

Last week we gave props to the state of Louisiana for enacting the “Blue Lives Matter” law. Some folks say we don’t need to classify targeting of our law enforcement officers as a “hate crime.” I say yes we do. Since the left created this whole thing about “protected status,” then let’s address those who truly deserve it. Again, the left makes up this stuff and then uses their ideological agenda to tell us who they “feel” warrants protection. Thanks to Dave Bray, here is a tribute song that perfectly explains why “Blue Lives Matter”… because they protect and ensure “All Lives Matter.”


In Honor of our Fallen POLICE Officers…I give you my breakout single "LAST CALL."

It is my hope that this Nation may see these Brave Souls as Protectors and Officers of Peace. May the Lord be with those who have fallen and their families…and may that "Thin Blue Line" forever remain.

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Posted by DAVE BRAY USA on Sunday, May 29, 2016

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