JUST IN: As Bernie closes in on Hillary, he just got some BAD news

One week before voters go to the polls in the California Democrat primary, polls show a more competitive race than originally imagined between Democrat rivals Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Two recent polls show a virtual neck-and-neck race between the two candidates — and the closeness of what was supposed to be the final major stop before Hillary’s coronation has caused the candidate to step up her efforts in the state.

Today, however, Bernie received some potentially bad news, as California Gov. Jerry Brown threw his endorsement behind Hillary Clinton.

While you almost might have expected “Governor Moonbeam,” governor of the People’s Republic of California, to throw his support behind socialist Bernie, Gov. Brown appeared to be espousing the key Democrat establishment talking points in endorsing Clinton.

As CNN reports:

California Governor Jerry Brown lent his support to Hillary Clinton Tuesday, saying it was the only way to “stop the dangerous candidacy of Donald Trump.”

California is the final battleground for Clinton, as prepares to clinch the nomination. But it has become an unexpectedly tight race between her and Bernie Sanders.

In an open letter to Democrats and independents in his state, which votes June 7, Brown said he was “deeply impressed” by how well Sanders has done and with his message of the growing divide between the wealthy and the rest of Americans.

But Clinton knows how to get things done and advance the Democratic agenda, the governor said.

“Clinton’s lead is insurmountable and Democrats have shown — by millions of votes — that they want her as their nominee,” Brown said.

Of course, while the endorsement of a sitting governor would normally be a positive for a candidate, in this year’s unpredictable, anti-establishment cycle it could actually be a negative in the eyes of some voters. And certainly could provide more fodder for the “system is rigged” narrative Sanders is propagating.

While no one expects anything but Hillary to ultimately be coronated — it sure is fun to watch her have to fight, despite having every possible advantage starting out of the gate. Even WITH all of the advantages, a good swath of Democrats are having a hard time bringing themselves to support her. And for a party whose success can be largely (IMHO) attributed to the willingness of the masses to fall in line behind what they are told, that says a LOT about how bad a candidate Hillary Clinton really is.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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