JUST IN: Third-party #NeverTrump candidate just revealed…

Even as some of the more prominent faces of the #NeverTrump movement have appeared to ceded — or at least backed off — The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol has continued to be vocal. Over the holiday weekend — a curious choice for timing from a public relations perspective, by the way — edged his anti-Trump commentary to something more concrete when he teased the following:

This afternoon, as Breitbart reports, the National Review’s David French was revealed as the independent candidate whom Kristol was touting. (Fox News also says it has confirmed this news.)

Via Breitbart:

Tuesday on Bloomberg TV’s “With All Due Respect,” co-host Mark Halperin revealed the third-party candidate being teased by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol is the National Review’s David French.

French and Kristol declined to offer comment to Halperin and his co-host John Heilemann, but Halperin offered a brief biography of French. “[E]verybody wants to know who is the independent candidate who Bill Kristol has been touting?” Halperin said in the opening of his the show.

“According to our sources, we can report that the man being eyed by Kristol is a conservative writer and Iraqi were veteran named David French. You may not have heard of him. We hadn’t either.

The big guessing game had been going on since Kristol tweeted this weekend that he had a candidate in mind that he said would be a strong candidate. John [Heilemann] and I both talked to Kristol and French. Both of them declined to comment.

But here’s what we know — French is a staff writer for the National Review. He lives in Tennessee with his wife and three kids. We reached him tonight. He was traveling. He declined to comment, but two Republican sources who are intimately familiar with what Kristol has in mind say while French is not made a final decision, that is indeed who Bill Kristol was talking about.

Admittedly, not having heard of French until just now, I (Michelle Jesse) can’t speak to his credentials. And I mean absotluely no disrespect to French here. However, regardless of how impressive French is, the very fact that no one has heard of him on May 31st — as primary season is winding down and general election kicking into full gear — is a huge (YUGE) problem.

What makes anyone think an unknown like French would garner more support as a third-party candidate than the likes of the Libertarian endorsed candidate Gary Johnson? Arguably, more people have at least heard of Johnson and know what he stands for.

Never mind the fact that it would appear French wasn’t aspiring to be president until he’s been corralled by the likes of Bill Kristol.

Maybe I’m missing something… but just have to say, what could these guys possibly be thinking??? It would appear at this point this can be nothing more than a “protest” option on the ballot which will effectively hand the election to Hillary — and forever earn the disgust and anger of those of us who fear our country cannot survive a third term of a progressive.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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