New study on gender pay gap will leave liberals SPEECHLESS…

You’ve heard it a million times before; “for every dollar a man earns, a woman only earns 77 cents!”

If that were true, it remains a mystery why every employer doesn’t just fire all their male employees and hire women to save 23 cents on the dollar on their labor costs. Our liberal friends are comparing apples and oranges – looking at the wages of all men and all women, rather than comparing men and women in the same jobs with equal experience.

They’re not taking into account hours worked, different careers and career paths, the fact that women usually take gaps in their careers to have and raise children, the difference in majors chosen by gender — among a handful of countless other factors. A new study sought to get to the bottom of the wage gap hysteria, examining alleged gaps among 33 countries in the developed world.

The Daily Caller reported: The study examined more than eight million employees across dozens of countries and found the pay gap between men and women working in same types of roles, with the same responsibilities, in the same companies was 1.6 percent in favor of men.

The United Arab Emirates was the only exception, with women earning two percent more than their male counterparts. The study attributes the gap to there being fewer women in the labor force with higher levels of education.

The gender wage gap, as described by the White House and progressives, refers to the overall gap between what all men earn and what all women earn. Using this measure, women on average earn 18 percent less than men.

This is hardly the first study to investigate this – which isn’t surprising considering how often the myth is repeated. Heck, a study from one of our own government agencies had debunked the gap seven years ago, as A Department of Labor study released in 2009, which reviewed upwards of 50 peer-reviewed papers, concluded the wage gap, “may be almost entirely the result of individual choices being made by both male and female workers.”

To paraphrase Al Gore, on this issue, the science is settled.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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