The POWERFUL Memorial Day message EVERY American needs to see

Folks, Honor Memorial Day, and I can’t think of anyone better to express the meaning of America and Memorial Day than President Ronald Reagan in this short video, “The Soldier’s Pledge.”

Oft times, those of us who’ve survived the crucible of combat ask ourselves why we are still in the land of the living and others are not?

It’s because we must remain to tell the stories of our fallen comrades. We must be the witnesses that remind Americans of what a REAL hero is. It’s a word so often tossed about, but on this day, there is no doubt who they really are.

They’re the ones from the time of Lexington Green and Concord Bridge to today who’ve given the last full measure of devotion in making the ultimate sacrifice. I was honored to walk amongst them, and one day they shall greet me at that little corner in Heaven for Warriors we call Valhalla. Yes, we the living are like the one Spartan chosen by King Leonidas to deliver that special message from Thermopylae: “Go tell the Spartans and strangers passing by, that here obedient to their laws we lie”.

And so, not just on this Memorial Day, but every day, we tell the Americans and all strangers passing by that humbly, honorably, and obedient to their Oath to the Constitution, our fallen brothers and sisters lie.

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