Please pray this latest kinky craze from Europe does not invade our shores…

Barack Obama and leadership of the liberal movement see the nations of western Europe as better than American culture in many ways. They’re more enlightened, more accepting of alternative lifestyles, more concerned with Mother Earth, etc. From wanting to crowd us into tiny cars to spending billions on trains and forcing through as much socialistic policy as possible, it shows up all the time.

The nations of Europe are now mostly pagan. Church attendance throughout the EU is abysmal. Christian institutions such as marriage, baptism, etc. are becoming things of the past. Arthur C. Brooks chronicled the death of Christianity in Europe in his excellent book The Conservative Heart:

“The most diplomatic way to describe the status of religion in Europe is to describe the continent as “post-Christian.” Europeans may have some cultural memory of Christianity, but fewer and fewer practice, and many are openly hostile to their religious patrimony.

A 2004 Gallup poll found that just 3 percent of Danes attend church at least once a week. Only 5 percent of Swedes and of Finns do so. Weekly attendance at religious services is below 10 percent in France and Germany, and hovering between 10 and 15 percent in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.”

Europe has lost its Judeo-Christian roots and with it the ethics and morals that shape a culture. Once those things are lost anything goes. Which brings us to the latest kinky craze over there – “human pups.”

Human pups refers to a current trend in Europe of (mostly) men who enjoy dressing up and role-playing or living as dogs. Your eyes did not just deceive you. Grown men who dress up as puppies, play with chew toys, eat and drink from bowls, and are taken for daily walks.

The practice has become so widespread that a documentary titled “Secret Life of the Human Pups” has been completed on the phenomenon. The film follows some of the estimated 10,000-plus men in the United Kingdom who are into the “human pups” craze.

The UK’s Guardian offers this commentary, “It’s easy to laugh at a grown man in a rubber dog suit chewing on a squeaky toy. …Secret Life of the Human Pups is a sympathetic look at the world of pup play, a movement that grew out of the BDSM community and has exploded in the last 15 years as the internet made it easier to reach out to likeminded people. While the pup community is a broad church, human pups tend to be male, gay, have an interest in dressing in leather, wear dog-like hoods, enjoy tactile interactions like stomach rubbing or ear tickling, play with toys, eat out of bowls and are often in a relationship with their human “handlers.”

One of the men featured in the documentary is Tom, a man who becomes “Spot” (a Dalmatian). A 32-year-old theater technician, the film reveals how Tom’s obsession with becoming Spot caused the breakup with his girlfriend, Rachel.

Rachel adopted “Spot” from a pet play shelter several years ago, just days before he was scheduled to be euthanized. You just can’t make this stuff up. Her last ditch effort to save the relationship came when she gave Tom an ultimatum of getting neutered or she was leaving. He refused.

Tom’s immersion into his life as a puppy has become so consuming that he now sleeps in a dog crate at night, now has a gay relationship with his “new owner” named Colin, and has spent thousands of dollars on his dog suit, which includes a breathing tube.

Tom’s efforts paid off, he won the Mr. Puppy UK crown last fall and is on his way to compete in the Mr. Puppy Euro in Belgium.

This madness is slowly becoming normative in the EU. Or if not the norm at least an accepted ‘alternative lifestyle.’ Which is why when conservatives see our nation being placed onto the same path as the countries of Europe we get concerned. It’s clear liberals are steadily marginalizing, demeaning, diminishing and becoming hostile to Christianity. The removal of God from a culture is inevitably followed by a new set of morals, ethics and standards for behavior. However “new” is not synonymous with “better.”

Doggone it!

[Note: This article was written by Derrick Wilburn]

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