Chicago mayor calls for 24 hours without gun violence; this happens immediately

On Thursday, Rahm Emmanuel kicked off Chicago’s “Put Down the Gun Initiative.” The goal: go at least 24 hours without any gun violence. “Three years ago we had 24 hours without any gun violence, I believe we can do better than that” he said.

Apparently the city’s criminals didn’t get the memo – and it was a particularly bloody Memorial day weekend in Chicago. The Chicago Tribune reported that; A string of nearly two dozen shootings on the West Side has pushed the number of people shot during the Memorial Day weekend to at least 40, with two more days to go.

As of early Sunday morning, the toll stood at four dead and 36 wounded across the city, including a 15-year-girl shot to death as she rode in a Jeep on Lake Shore Drive near Fullerton Avenue, police said. Last year, 12 people were killed and 44 people were wounded over the holiday weekend.

Nineteen of those shot this weekend were wounded in or within a half-mile of the Harrison District on the West Side, police said. The district, one of the city’s most violent, is average-sized but has more officers assigned to it than almost any other in the city. It is frequently the target of both prolonged drug operations and short-term extra patrols over holiday weekends.

Thirteen of the 19 were wounded in the Harrison District and an additional six nearby.

It’s no wonder Emmanuel resorts to nonsense initiatives like this rather than gun control like another other liberal would – because his city already has strict gun control.

If gun control really worked, Chicago would be paradise. In fact, we can look past just Chicago in making the case against gun control. I noted in the first chapter of my book The Conscience of a Young Conservative the following facts regarding gun policy:

> (in 2006) the seven least violent states were all shall-issue right-to-carry (RTC). Of the seven most violent states, three were non-RTC (includes D.C.) Since about 75 percent of all states are RTC, 43 percent of the worst being non-RTC makes these states over-represented at the unpleasant end.
> The seven nations with the most guns per capita have 1.2 murders per 100,000 people, while the nine nations with the fewest guns have 4.4 murders per 100,000.
> On average, when state concealed handgun laws went into effect, murders fell by 7.7 percent, rapes fell 5.3 percent, aggravated assault fell 7.01 percent, robbery fell 2.2 percent, and violent crime as a whole fell 4.9 percent.

Emmanuel could reduce the carnage in his city – all he has to do is swallow his pride and admit that a change of gun policy is in order.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]

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