The most ‘RACIST’ TV commercial you’ll ever see

One of the many reasons I [The Analytical Economist] could never become a progressive is because I’m just not intelligent enough to read into everything to the extent where eeeeeverything is racist. I’m not even joking when I say that this is literally what many prominent progressives believe.

The latest example of “racism” comes from a Chinese ad which has racked up views in the millions on social media. I guess uber-progressives are abandoning the “only white people can be racist” line of reasoning on this one.

So what’s the cause of outrage? A detergent ad (the HORROR!). Watch it below, and see if you can figure out why it’s racist.

Get it? The detergent is so effective that it turns black men into Asians. Apparently to the professionally offended, there are some racial overtones here; that it implies “black is dirty” or something. The theme of the ad was so racist in fact, that a black actor voluntarily agreed to participate in it.

The firm that produced the ad responded much more appropriately than any American firm would, and essentially told their critics to lighten up.

The ad isn’t even original, by the way. It’s a rip off of an Italian ad, whereas the reverse happens. An Italian man is turned into a black man, and the ad reads “coloured is better.”

Want to take a guess at how much outrage this sparked? If your guess was zero, that was the correct response.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]



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