DESPICABLE: Look what vandals have done to Vietnam memorial

For too many Americans, Memorial Day has become simply the official start of summer, grill season, a day off and a mattress sale. No longer as a nation do we pause for a moment of reflection and appreciation for those who sacrificed all. Patriotism and military appreciation are sadly seen as jingoistic and old fashioned – if not racist and bigoted.

And so, in a horrific act of desecration and disrespect, we see what this decline in our values has wrought.

As Breitbart reports, Vandals in Venice (California) defaced a memorial to Vietnam War veterans who were Prisoners Of War (POW) or who never returned home because Missing In Action (MIA).

According to CBS Los Angeles, the vandalism–consisting of spray-paint placed over the names of those POW or MIA–stretches for “about one hundred feet.” The paint covers hundreds of names of those lost during the war.

Venice Chamber of Commerce chairman George Francisco responded to the vandalism by saying the graffiti is “a desecration.” Francisco said, “I’ve known the sacrifice these people made in an incredibly unpopular war. [And] to continue the mistreatment of Vietnam veterans is somewhat shocking; somewhat shocking and quite sad.”

Francisco worked to bring a replica of the Washington DC Vietnam War Memorial to Venice in March. His father was a combat vet in the war.

It’s not yet known who the vandals are, or their motives, but Los Angeles police are actively investigating. It would seem there should be clues in the gang-style graffiti.

It’s so very sad our nation has produced such ungrateful punks. Once caught, the vandals should be made to clean the memorial with toothbrushes in broad daylight in the middle of summer, with one hand tied behind their backs. That’s not “cruel and unusual,” is it?

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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