Reporter asks Obama about Hillary’s emails; his response is very TELLING

One might have assumed the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails would go nowhere, simply based on the Democrat establishment’s support for her.

Not only have nearly all superdelegates rallied behind her, she’s garnered the support of Barack Obama and countless other high-profile Democrats. Insiders know a little more than the rest of us, and why would they rally behind someone who may wind up in prison?

Well, we may have to revise our initial thoughts. Yesterday the State Department’s Inspector General “concluded that Hillary Clinton did not comply with the agency’s policies on records, according to a report released to lawmakers on Wednesday that also revealed that Clinton and her top aides chose not to cooperate with the review,” and the FBI investigation is still ongoing.

Another bad sign for Hillary: Obama doesn’t even want to talk about her emails. As the Washington Examiner reports:

President Obama snapped at a reporter during a Thursday press conference in Japan after being asked about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email system at the State Department, an act that the department’s inspector general said violated the rules.

Obama had just offered to answer one additional question from reporters, but then bristled when the question was about Clinton’s emails.

“You know I take it back – I’m not taking another question,” he said. “We’re in Japan, don’t you have something to do with Asia that we want to talk about? I’ll be talking about this in Washington the whole time.”

“Look, I’ve already said a lot on those issues — I think these are better directed to the campaign,” he added.

Obama was asked whether questions about Clinton’s use of personal email means she should also release the texts of the paid speeches she gave at Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street banks. But instead of answering, Obama talked more generally about the division in the Democratic Party caused by Bernie Sanders’ challenge to Clinton’s nomination.

The reason Democrats want us to believe that people are “tired of hearing about her damn emails” is because they’re the ones tired of hearing about them. They wish they would go away already.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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