After declining Bernie’s debate, Hillary just got VERY BAD NEWS in California…

It’s well-known by now that Hillary Clinton and her minions’ strategy for getting Hillary coronated Hillary to earn the Democratic nomination was simply minimizing both her and her rivals’ exposure.

When you think about it, the strategy probably actually makes sense for Hillary herself; it seems that the more people see of her, the less they like her, while the converse has proven to be true of her rivals.

In Hillary’s latest attempt to minimize exposure, she declined Bernie Sanders’ invitation for a California debate on Fox News.

Unfortunately for Hillary, it appears her strategy isn’t working, as a new poll coming out of California shows.

Via The Hill:

Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in a virtual dead heat in California, a new poll shows.

Clinton has 46 percent support to Sanders’s 44 percent, according to The Public Policy Institute of California survey released Wednesday.

When the poll results are filtered down to just registered Democrats, Clinton leads Sanders, 49 to 41 percent.

California’s June 7 contest is an open primary, meaning voters who are not registered Democrats may participate. The state offers 475 pledged delegates — the largest total of any state.

There is little gender gap in the poll totals. Sanders had 46 percent of men, with Clinton garnering 42 percent. Among women, Clinton led with 49 percent support to Sanders’s 42 percent.

Clinton’s campaign has declined Sanders’s call to face off in another debate before the California primary.

Sanders called the move “a little bit insulting” to California voters, adding he was “not surprised” by Clinton’s reluctance.

Unfortunately for Hillary, voters have opened their eyes to the so-called Democrat establishment’s chokehold on power — and they find it more than “a little bit insulting.” And they’re not in a mood to let it go unchecked. Nor is her rival, who has vowed to keep fighting until the Democrat convention this summer — despite Hillary’s significant edge in delegates which makes a victory for Sanders all but impossible.

Unfortunately for Hillary, it appears she’ll be fighting on two fronts for the next couple of months still — battling GOP nominee Donald Trump (who just passed 1,237 delegates) for the general election, while still fending off Bernie’s attacks in the primary.

Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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