Liberals RED-FACED over “powdered substance” that caused Planned Parenthood evacuation

Another day, another “attack” that liberals quickly blamed on the right before any evidence whatsoever was known to the public.

Considering how often liberals make themselves look like fools by jumping the gun (no pun intended), you’d think they would’ve wised up by now.

Apparently not – and in the most recent example of “right wing terrorism,” our culprit isn’t even human.

Via Red State

According to Sarasota County PD, the local Planned Parenthood was evacuated due to exposure to an unknown, terrifying chemical that could be harmful to those who may have come near, or in contact with, known as “baby food.” It could be anything from apple sauce, to mashed peas.

To make sure no one was hurt, two hazmat teams responded, and a number of people have already been taken to the hospital to be evaluated. According to the Sarasota County Twitter, the 7 that were exposed to this deadly substance are reportedly having breathing problems.

Thirty eight people were evacuated to protect them from the tyranny of Gerber.

Here were just some of the liberal geniuses posting about the non-incident:

Of course, despite the fear over this scary substance, seven people actually were hospitalized, so there was a different real culprit. Red State added the update: According to the Herald Tribune, the panic was caused by opened cleaning supplies in a closet, which have since been removed. Police say the baby food was likely spilled in the stairwell during the evacuation. Employees are expected to be able to return to the building today.

It’s not hard to see why members of Planned Parenthood were afraid of baby food. After all, in their perfect world, it wouldn’t need to exist.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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