OUCH: Obama’s progressive fascism just took one in the shorts!

I just love it when we come together and fight back against the progressive socialists of the liberal left. We just saw an incredible turn of events regarding LTG Jerry Boykin having his contract as an adjunct professor at Hampden-Sydney reinstated after he had been terminated. It was your voice that made a difference, an awesome groundswell of resonating voices that would not allow that to stand.

Well, we have another opportunity to celebrate the triumph of the people against liberal progressive fascism. We shared with you the story of the Attorney General of the Virgin Islands and his subpoena against conservative think tanks regarding academic research and freedom of conscience when it comes to the left’s true religion: climate change.

Here folks, this is your victory, as reported by the Washington Times, “Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude E. Walker has withdrawn his subpoena of the Competitive Enterprise Institute after a rash of criticism over his investigation into climate change dissenters.

Still, CEI general counsel Sam Kazman said Monday that the free-market think tank would still push the court for sanctions against Mr. Walker, one of a 17-member coalition of attorneys general pursuing fraud accusations against climate skeptics.

“We are doing so because Walker’s underlying Virgin Islands subpoena remains in effect and, as his local counsel expressly stated, Walker can reinstate the DC [District of Columbia] subpoena whenever he wants,” Mr. Kazman said in a statement.

“More importantly, his withdrawal only strengthens our claim that this subpoena was a constitutional outrage from the very beginning, violating our right to free speech and our donors’ right to confidentiality, and threatening the right of all Americans to express views that go against some party line,” Mr. Kazman said. “This was an abuse of process, plain and simple, and we’re determined to see that Walker faces sanctions for an action whose illegality he refuses to recognize.”

The CEI took out a full-page ad in The New York Times last week decrying the AGs United for Clean Power’s pursuit of climate skeptics. Signers of the ad included former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former White House counsel C. Boyden Gray and Richard Lindzen, MIT professor emeritus of atmospheric sciences.”

Folks, remember that maxim from my dear friend Marine (retired) 1st Sgt Jim Reifinger: “if you ever find yourself in a fair fight, it’s because your tactics suck.”

This is what happens when we go on the offense against the liberal progressives of the left. When we put them on defense, they will cower and we need not acquiesce to some self-imposed restrictions of fairness. And I applaud CEI especially because they’re entering into that most dangerous phase of an offensive operation for the enemy — the pursuit phase. It’s not just enough to have Attorney General Claude E. Walker rescind the subpoena. It’s now about sending a very clear message: “Don’t tread on us.”

We need to send a message to his other cohorts that we are coming after you as well, and you will be implicated in this unconstitutional and illegal witchhunt. Now is the time to put Walker and those other 17 progressive socialist attorneys general on notice and bring sanctions against them. Now is the time to prosecute them to the full extent possible to preclude them from EVER thinking of attempting such an action again.

Here is the lesson for the House and Senate GOP — with the largest majorities post World War II — this is why the people elected you. You were elected to fight back, to make a stand, and perhaps you will take a page from “We the People” and create your own groundswell. That would be a far more welcome occurrence than another massive Omnibus spending bill praised by Schumer, Pelosi, Reid and Obama. We have principle on our side and when people realize that’s the greatest ammunition, they have power beyond comprehension.

And to the leftists who will cry like babies about this decision, perhaps constitutional conservative attorneys general should bring subpoenas against every single far left think tank that supported and advocated for Obamacare. Here’s why.

“An attorney for Mr. Walker had informed the think tank last week that he would revoke the subpoena, but insisted the investigation did not violate the organization’s free-speech rights.

“This subpoena is part of an investigation into potential fraud, and it is well established that the ‘First Amendment does not shield fraud,’” Linda Singer, an attorney with the Cohen Milstein firm, said in a May 13 letter. Mr. Walker has also issued a subpoena to ExxonMobil for its documents and communications related to climate change with more than 100 universities, researchers and free-market think tanks, including CEI.

ExxonMobil is challenging the subpoena, saying it violates the company’s right to free speech and represents an unreasonable search and seizure.”

If Walker and his ilk belief that academic and policy research is “potential fraud” — then what the heck does he call Obamacare? I cannot think of anything more fascist than what Claude Walker has done. And my recommendation is that he be stripped of his license to practice law outside of a tourist shop in the Virgin Islands.

This is a man who has perverted his power as an attorney general. Perhaps he believed, as Barack Obama and Eric Holder clearly do, that his skin pigmentation would give him a “get out of jail free card?” Sorry dude, you went a bridge too far and breaking you down like a cheap shot gun has nothing to do with your skin color — just your lack of legalistic integrity and intellectual rigor.

Folks, keep the pressure on Claude Walker, and make him completely withdraw this entire fiasco and socialist, fascist investigation. We are in the pursuit phase and as the Spartan Code of Lycurgus stated, “no retreat, no surrender.” No more of this will be accepted from the liberal progressives, or their media accomplices.

I am just so doggone proud of y’all! Molon Labe!


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