SIX schools EVACUATED; nationwide terror threats…

The days of phoning in a bomb threat are close to over – those looking to terrorize are becoming evermore creative in their methods.

One of the recent trends has been an increase in “swatting.” Originally, swatting was a prank gamers would play on one another – where they’d phone in a fake tip to the FBI, sending them to their desired target’s address. More often than not, they could watch their victim being raided by the FBI in real time.

Swatting has evolved from being a tactic used by my fellow nerds, becoming even more sinister. As MSN reportsThreats made against schools across the United States led to the evacuation of students Monday in what could be the latest example of so-called “swatting” against schools.

The latest threats led to the evacuation of schools in Colorado, Utah, Delaware, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Media outlets in the United Kingdom also reported evacuations.

The threats were made against elementary, middle and high schools, with some schools choosing to continue classes and others to put buildings on lockdown rather than evacuate. Some schools resumed classes after sweeps by authorities failed to turn up explosives or other threats.

Some officials described Monday’s threats as automated or robotic and at least two — at Lakewood High School outside Denver and at Ben Franklin Elementary School in Rochester, Minnesota — came in just before noon local time. Also in Minnesota, Forest Lake Elementary in the city of Forest Lake was evacuated after getting a bomb-threat call.

Meanwhile, students at Murray High School outside Salt Lake City were sent home and bomb-sniffing dogs were brought in. No explosives were found.

Two elementary schools were evacuated in Colorado — Liberty Point Elementary School in Pueblo West and Cherokee Trail Elementary in the Denver suburb of Parker. Cherokee Trail is in the same district where two 16-year-old girls are accused of plotting an attack against their high school. No other schools in the district were evacuated, spokeswoman Paula Hans said.

Security is becoming increasingly tricky nowadays – even more so on a national scale. Clearly the solution here is to let in hundreds of thousands of refugees we know nothing about, right?

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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