After this soldier became transgender, what happened next is INSANE

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve just discovered the world’s only person that liberals can’t tell to “check their privilege.”

BizPacReview reports on what is perhaps the world’s most oppressed person (in the eyes of today’s liberals, at least):

If there’s a high bar for which social justice warriors strive, surely it was set by Britain’s first transgender gay Muslim woman.


Amid the ongoing bathroom wars in America, conservative blogger Brandon Morse took to social media to call attention to Lucy Vallender, who he said “has the gold in the oppression [O]lympics.”

Vallender, formerly known as Laurens before “he” became true to “herself,” is a former British soldier who had a sex operation in 2010 to switch out his male parts for female parts. Vallender would later convert to Islam, saying it’s a “peaceful” religion and take things even further by marrying a Muslim man the ex-soldier met on an online dating site.

Here’s a brief clip from when she originally made news back in 2013:

The belief that Islam “promotes peace” was the motivating factor behind her conversion. Ironically, her status as a transgender gay Muslim is a privilege she can only be afforded in the Western world. Over fifty Muslim nations have banded together to try to ban gay and transgender representatives from attending UN meetings, for instance.

On second thought – she does still have white privilege. Does that negate out everything else? I have no idea how this “privilege” nonsense works.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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