Media SILENT over Obama’s new TREASON…we won’t be

I am a firm believer in the free market economy. But I am a stronger believer in our national security, because economic prosperity without security means nothing. There must be a delicate balance in which the private sector isn’t hampered, as long as it’s operating with integrity. Once the private sector businesses begin to act in a corrupt and nefarious manner, there should be intervention – that’s the nature of good regulation.

As well, we cannot allow the system of crony capitalism to take root where government, in collaboration with the private sector, creates a relationship where government intervention is used to decide the winners and losers in the market. And when the private sector clearly is enabling an enemy of the state, that’s grounds for government intervention. Then again, the government should never have policies that enable the enemy.

We’ve previously shared how Boeing was advocating — ok lobbying — for the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the Iranian nuclear deal. Boeing spent big dollars fighting against legislators who were more concerned with our national security than their profits. Apparently Boeing and Ben Rhodes were batting on the same team, out and about spreading a false narrative for their own respective self and special interests — the heck with the American people. Well, now the chickens are coming home to roost on Boeing — as if having Iran select France’s Airbus over them for the contractual purchase of aircraft was bad enough.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “Members of Congress have summoned the heads of airplane giant Boeing to a meeting to encourage the company to stop spearheading efforts to reenter the Iranian marketplace, a business pursuit that is jointly backed by the Obama administration, according to a letter sent Friday to Boeing leadership and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

Boeing, like its French rival AirBus, has been working to woo the Iranian government following last summer’s comprehensive nuclear agreement.

Officials at Boeing—a top U.S. government contractor—opened discussions with Iran last month. The company is hoping to sell its aircraft and other services to Iran’s national airline.

Boeing’s overtures have been encouraged and facilitated by the Obama administration, which recently began a public campaign to encourage European and some American businesses to do business with Iran.

Obama administration officials are working with Boeing to help it avoid sanctions that might interrupt its business ventures in Iran, according to three leading House members who want Boeing to sever ties with Iran.

Insiders believe the effort is part of a larger bid to provide Iran backdoor access to the U.S. dollar. While the administration initially vowed to block this sort of action, it has walked back parts of its rhetoric about the nuclear deal in order to soothe recent tensions with the Islamic Republic.

Three House members from Washington state, a major base for Boeing operations, wrote to the company on Friday to request a meeting. The letter also was sent to the head of AirBus.

“We write to express our serious concerns over the sale of airplanes, parts, and other aircraft-related services to the Islamic Republic of Iran,” write Republican Reps. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the GOP conference chair, Dave Reichert, chair of the House committee that regulates trade, and Dan Newhouse.”

Whoa, what’s happening here? You mean Republican Members of Congress are going after a big corporation? You mean to tell me that the hater of corporations, Barack Obama, is siding with and assisting a large corporation to have backdoor deals with the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism?

You mean to tell me Boeing wants to enable Iran, a militant Islamic regime? Boeing wants to place its special interest over that of our American men and women in uniform, as well as all of us. And here’s a prime example of crony capitalism via Boeing and the Obama administration. Iran is responsible for countless American service member deaths and maiming going back to the 1983 Beirut bombing to today as they supply explosive force penetrator IEDs to terrorists. Iran will become even more financially secure, a regional hegemony, able to purchase more weapons such as T-90 tanks, fighter aircraft, and the S-300 surface to air system thanks to Obama and Boeing.

And folks, where is the progressive socialist media on all of this? Where are the folks at Occupy Wall Street, oops, that’s morphed into Black Lives Matter now. I guess the union folks out in Washington state don’t care either? Remember the stink the left made when Boeing tried to move to South Carolina, a right to work state…why the total and rather telling silence on this?

Folks, ask yourselves a very simple question, why would the president of the United States want to allow Iran backdoor access to our U.S. dollar? Why would President Barack Obama bolster the economy of the Iranians, who certainly aren’t allowing transgenders to use the bathroom of their choice – as a matter of fact, they execute gays. Funny, we also just found out about Saudi Arabian funding to the Clinton Administration — and Hillary Clinton cares so much about gay and women’s rights? Y’all recall how the liberal progressive media just beat down the Bush administration about ties to Saudi Arabia and “oil?”

So, what gives here in this case with Obama, Boeing, and what has to be defined as aiding and abetting the enemy, providing material support and comfort? Ya know, that’s called treasonous — maybe that’s what Representatives McMorris-Rodgers, Reichert, and Newhouse want to discuss with Boeing. Funny, the ranking Member of the House Armed Services Committee (HASC) is Rep. Adam Smith from Washington state — wonder why he’s not concerned about what Boeing is doing?

The hypocrisy of the left continues but where are the droves of reporters from the Washington Post? Yep, crickets all over again but it seems more important to focus on Donald Trump, the women he dated years ago and PR tapes.

Here’s my recommendation for the top executives of Boeing: deploy their crony capitalist and treasonous backsides to Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan. Send them to Israel and let them patrol along the border with Gaza and send them down into tunnels Hamas has constructed with funding from Iran.

The problem here is that there are no consequences for Boeing and what they’re doing, since they’ve obviously purchased political patronage and protection. Perhaps Boeing won’t even show up before these GOP Congressional members — Ben Rhodes didn’t. As for Barack Obama, well, this is just expected and the best consequence for his eight years of collusion with the enemy and his “fundamental transformation” of America would be the election of Donald J. Trump.

And let me be very clear Mr. Trump, after what this country has been subjected to for the past eight years — it will be very personal for me if you screw this up! Put down the doggone twitter toy and start acting like a man who could be the leader of the free world, the president of the United States of America. Our America has been betrayed and undermined these past eight years — this is serious and not a reality TV show. Talk about issues such as this, and why we can’t trust the Democrats with our national security.

Lesson learned: you can’t negotiate or cut deals with Islamists. They only understand one thing — strength and might.

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