BREAKING: GOP sues to BLOCK executive order…

Democrat attempts to win the election by cheating unilaterally changing law to expand their voting rolls may have just hit a roadblock. Republicans in Virginia today filed a lawsuit to reverse Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s recent executive order that extends voting rights en masse to more than 200,000 convicted felons.

Via The Hill:

The lawsuit claims that McAuliffe didn’t have the authority to issue the executive order, which allows felons who have served their prison time and finished parole to register to vote, The Washington Post reported.

“From Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson to Tim Kaine and Bob McDonnell, every Governor of Virginia has understood the clemency power to authorize the Governor to grant clemency on an individualized basis only,” the lawsuit says.

Incidentally, even my wacky ultraliberal governor in the People’s Republic of Minnesota acknowledged, on the heels of Gov. McAuliffe’s unilateral action in Virginia, that he doesn’t have the authority to do this on his own — as much as he would like to do it.

The lawsuit was filed in the Virginia Supreme Court on behalf of leaders of the state’s House and Senate, including House Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford), Senate Majority Leader Thomas K. Norment (R-James City) and four Virginia voters.

Republicans have argued that the order, issued in April, would benefit Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton.

McAuliffe’s apparent failure to understand the limits to his executive power isn’t the only thing that sets him apart from his Democrat predecessors and peers. He also happens to be the only one among them who co-chaired the 2008 campaign for the presumptive Democrat nominee. Oh, and let’s not forget his stint co-chairing Bill Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign. Gov. McAuliffe and the Clintons go way back. And as a former chair of the Democrat National Committee — one of Little Debbie Wasserman Schulz’s predecessors — he’s well-versed on using every (dirty) trick in the book to fuel the Clinton machine.

Gov. McAuliffe’s response to Republican outcry over his overstepping executive order? “Quit complaining.” Kinda like President Obama’s unstated “tough you-know-what” attitude over his own executive orders.

How quickly the attitude of dictatorship is spreading across our republic under President Obama. Or, as presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump called McAuliffe’s action, “crooked politics.” Yup.

Given the urgency of the matter at hand, the GOP lawsuit asks the state’s highest court to weigh in quickly so that recently reinstated ex-cons can be taken off the voter rolls ahead of November.

Wouldn’t it be a whole lot easier — and less waste of our taxpayer resources — for the governor to just following the freaking rule of law?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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