Here’s what the media WON’T tell you about the left’s latest Muslim hero…

Here’s a story in the category of “Not The Onion.”

Twenty-two-year-old Muslim activist Zakia Belkhiri went viral after taking a photo in front of a Belgian far-right group that’s opposed to mass Muslim immigration. She told the BBC she did this “to show that things can be different. And that we can live together, not next to each other but with each other.”

We soon discovered that “living together” and “with each other” doesn’t apply to everyone. A Tweet from Belkhiri in 2012 quickly surfaced, showing she has quite a few prejudices of her own:



As the Times of Israel reports:

Belkhiri has since gone on a deleting spree and has attempted to get rid of many of her old antisemitic and racist tweets, most of which are now only available on archive, but not before some savvy redditors wised up to what she was doing and captured the messages. In some ways, though, it is too late; the original story, with a compartmentalized narrative of an innocent Muslim woman heroically standing up to ‘hate’ and taking selfies for the cause of peace and love has already spread across the world.

One wonders how eager the HuffPost and Vice will be to make addendums to these articles to the effect of “Oh yeah, but she also hates the Jews — sorry, forgot to write about that one.”

There are far more hate crimes committed against Jews than Muslims in America — and the figures aren’t much different in Europe. Religious bigotry is alive and well — just not against the target the Left claims.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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