What China just did to the U.S. is just ONE step below a declaration of war

For those who’ve grown up on tough streets, it’s a long understood rule that bullies pick on easy targets. If you’re one who, to paraphrase Teddy Roosevelt, “speaks softly and carries a big stick,” you’ll find less challenge. Or if you’ve been challenged once, you make an example of your assailant — word travels. But, once you’ve been marked as a “cupcake,” prepare to never have lunch money. And that can also be the case on the grander global stage.

As reported by Fox News, “Two Chinese fighter jets ‘buzzed’ a US military reconnaissance plane in the South China Sea Tuesday in an “unsafe” manner, according to the Pentagon.

The incident comes a week after a U.S. Navy destroyer sailed within 12 miles of China’s Fiery Cross reef, an artificial island made after months of dredging operations, more proof that tensions in the region are escalating between two global powers.

It was the third time the U.S. Navy sailed a warship close to a contested Chinese island in what the Pentagon calls “freedom of navigation” operations.

In response to China’s “unsafe” actions Tuesday, the Pentagon is “addressing the issue through the appropriate diplomatic and military channels,” according to Major Jamie Davis, a Pentagon spokesman who said the incident occurred in international airspace during a “routine” patrol by the U.S. aircraft.

In January, China landed civilian jets on a 10,000-foot runway on Fiery Cross reef, more proof that China is militarizing the South China Sea and threatening U.S. allies in the region.”

One thing you never do in the world of global military chicken is blink. If you’re going to do something, you better be all in and your adversary must believe you’ll hit back and are willing to escalate. If they sense you’re not, and then confirm it, everything you do is seen as for show, a bluff.

This recent incident with the Chinese follows up with the incessant “buzzing” of our naval warships in the international waters of the Baltic Sea. Now of course, the lightweight progressive socialists will say I’m trying to start a war — folks, such aggression from our adversaries is just a minor step below it. And if you want an example of how a nation should respond, consider Turkey’s action towards Russian fighter jets that violated its airspace. The Turks shot them down, and you didn’t hear anything from Vladimir Putin but mild talk — but the lesson was learned.

The lesson that the world is learning from the Obama administration is that you can take our lunch money everyday. And the only response will be that our little kids who never got picked to play will stomp their feet, but that’s it. Yeah, sure, launch a drone and kill a few guys here or there, really tough…but when ISIS kills a U.S Navy SEAL, our response should be that of Maximus in the movie “Gladiator” – “at my signal unleash hell.”

There are people in this world — bullies — who only comprehend strength and might. When they see a president doing the wave at a baseball game in Cuba and dancing the tango after a major Islamic terrorist attack, they are only emboldened. When we have ten U.S. Sailors put on their knees at gun point and our Secretary of State thanks those who seized their assault boats, put them in a surrender position and exploited them for propaganda, the enemy is encouraged.

When a U.S. Navy Destroyer is buzzed over 30 times in a 48-hour period at distances as close as 30 feet — and we issue a statement — you reward the enemy’s abhorrent behavior.

But the real effect of all this is that our military feels weak, useless and ineffective. They begin to see themselves as pawns, lacking pride. When you have an enemy that kills our service members on an American military installation and it’s called “workplace violence,” that is disrespectful.

When an Islamic jihadist guns down unarmed Marines and Sailors at a Navy reserve center in Chattanooga and the commander in chief goes to a Broadway show, it sends a very clear message. When the commander in chief cannot attend the funeral service of the most senior person to be killed in Afghanistan, Major General Green, but can send envoys to the funeral of Michael Brown in Ferguson, it is telling. When President Obama can attend the funeral of a slain pastor in South Carolina and deliver a eulogy, but not utter a word for the most decorated and accomplished sniper in U.S. history, it tells the story. When a deserter receives White House attention and is referred to as having served with “honor and distinction” while warriors who fight the enemy are imprisoned, that indicates a moral deficiency.

This is National Military Appreciation month, but it appears the only thing Barack Obama appreciates about our military is making a U.S. Marine hold a damn umbrella over him. The continuing disrespect by our enemies of our military power is just an extension of the disrespect shown to our military from President Barack Obama.

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