Can you spot why this underwear ad is FREAKING people out?

Let me first put a giant disclaimer on this to say this article was written by a female, and NOT Col. West — and anyway, it will take you two seconds to figure out this is not in his usual “wheelhouse” shall we say.

Sooo…that being said. New Yorkers have been surprised to find ads for “period underwear” in their subways featuring a transgender man. Yes, you read that right.

Your first question must be what is “period underwear?” Who knew? It’s lingerie designed to be worn during menstruation. A company called Thinx makes four styles of underwear that range from thongs to hiphuggers, created to not only catch any spillover from tampons, but replace tampons altogether — for women with a lighter flow.

Well, now we know it’s not just “women” in the silly, old-fashioned biblical sense. It’s actually a “person with a uterus” – because transgender men have periods too – – and they also deserve comfy, absorbent underwear.

Yahoo News reports, Thinx launched a new series of ads starring transgender model Sawyer DeVuyst — making it the first menstruation ad campaign to feature a trans man.


The ads, which appear on the Thinx website, as well as in New York City’s Union Square subway station, feature DeVuyst and other models in images flipped upside down and sideways to represent the company’s shifting the perspective on periods, CEO Miki Agrawal told Bustle.

The online ad campaign also features a conversation with DeVuyst, in which he says that he came out when he was an adult — at 23 years old. He says, “I never felt like I was in the wrong body, and I still don’t feel like I’m in the wrong body,” says Sawyer in the short film. “I think I’m in the wrong society.”

You know what? I’m beginning to think I am too.

“I didn’t start hormones until I was 28,” DeVuyst, now 30, explains. “That leaves me with five-ish years of identifying as a man but also getting my period. I would wear multiple pairs of underwear with a pair of boxers on top of that just to make sure that I didn’t leak anywhere, or that no one knew that I had my period.”

“Everyone experiences dysphoria at some point about their body, whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you’re trans or cisgender,” he says. “A product like Thinx really makes people feel secure, and that’s regardless of if you’re a woman or a trans man or a non-binary trans person who gets their period.”
“A lot of people don’t realize that some men do get their periods, because it’s just not talked about.”

Well you’re right it’s not talked about – or at least it wasn’t until now – because it’s such a microscopically small percentage of the population.

But now liberal progressives are doing their darnedest to convince us it’s not only incredibly trendy to be trans, it’s actually NORMAL, and if you don’t accept it, YOU my friend are the abnormal crazy one.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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