UGH: Hillary says whether she’ll consider Bernie as VP…

Some things are just painful even to imagine. The thought of either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders as President of the United States certainly fall into that category. The two of them as running mates? Oh, the horror.

Well, apparently, that horrific thought is not out of the question, if you believe what Hillary Clinton just said. Yeah, I (Michelle Jesse) realize how silly that sounds — of course you don’t believe what she said. How could you believe anything she says?

In any case…

Via CNN:

Hillary Clinton didn’t rule out Wednesday picking her Democratic presidential primary challenger, Bernie Sanders, from serving as her vice president.

“I won’t get into that,” she told CNN’s Chris Cuomo in an exclusive interview, when asked if giving Sanders a spot on the ticket would help bring the party together. 

She also declined to answer if Sanders was in consideration for the No. 2 slot.

Clinton, who is leading the increasingly divisive Democratic contest, didn’t completely shutdown the possibility of Sanders as her running mate, saying, “That’s something down the road.”

Sanders has said repeatedly that he intends to stay in the contest until “the last ballot is cast.”

Tensions in the Democratic Party have boiled over, highlighted by a heated Nevada Democratic Convention in which disagreements over party rules led to a raucous response by Sanders supporters including posting state party chairwoman Roberta Lange’s phone number and address on social media, which lead to death threats.

Interestingly, CNN and the lamestream media tend to leave out the other part of this story — violence against Bernie Sanders’ campaign — which might somehow be attributed to Clinton supporters, as it would certainly stand to reason. As The Weekly Standard reported:

Bernie Sanders revealed Tuesday that shots were fired into his Nevada campaign office and that an “apartment housing complex my campaign staff lived in was broken into and ransacked.” The Democratic presidential candidate did not explicitly blame his rival, Hillary Clinton, for the actions.

All commentary about Hillary’s honesty aside for a moment, it’s hard to imagine she’d seriously entertain Sanders — that pesky fly who refuses to be swatted away and is responsible for standing in the way of her coronation — as a vice presidential pick. Yes, Hillary will need to try to reach out and mend fences with the progressive socialist base on the Democrat socialist party, but all bets are on Sen. Elizabeth Warren as the one to do that.

Oh, the horror.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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