What college students did to a display honoring police officers is DESPICABLE

You just have to ask yourself, what is being taught on our nation’s college and university campuses? First we have this inane request for students to have “safe spaces” which is code for not having to be confronted with insights, thoughts, or perspectives contrary to the progressive socialist diet they’re fed. So what is the result of having such an overwhelmingly jaded indoctrination? One thing is for sure: there’s certainly no education.

As reported by my neighbors here in Dallas at The Blaze, “A display set up by a group of conservative students a Dartmouth College’s Collis Center last week in honor of National Police Week was destroyed by Black Lives Matter protesters. The tribute, created by the school’s College Republicans organization and featuring the slogan “Blue Lives Matter,” was replaced Friday morning with “Black Lives Matter” posters.

Several students, who declined to comment, sat across from the new BLM posters, which were set up at around 11 a.m. Friday. Many students remained in the area, apparently guarding the BLM posters, until later Friday evening, the Dartmouth Review reported.

Saturday morning, Collis Center employees arrived to discover the vandalized “Blue Lives Matter” display. According to the college paper, workers removed the new “Black Lives Matter” posters at around 11 a.m. Saturday and allowed the College Republicans to fix their display on the board, which they’d reserved.

In light of the backlash their message received, the College Republicans mounted new signs on the board that read, “We will not be silenced, Blue Lives Matter” and copies of an email from Collis Center Director Ann Hall sent Saturday morning to College President Phil Hanlon and the Board of Trustees, describing the display, when and how it was approved, as well as the vandalism.

The newly designed bulletin board also included a sign that read, “Bulletin Board Reserved for the College Republicans. Do not post.”

But the dispute was not resolved that quickly. According to the Review, several Black Lives Matter posters were placed on the board next to the new College Republicans display. Those posters read, “You cannot co-opt the movement against state violence to memorialize its perpetrators. #blacklivesmatter.” Mikala Williams, one of the students who replaced the College Republicans’ display, said that she and several other students removed the “Blue Lives Matter” signs because they believed it condoned police violence against black people, who comprise 5 percent of the college.”

We all know every profession has some bad eggs, and our law enforcement, just like our military, is not immune from such. However, let me ask Ms. Williams a question: when was the last time she went to Chicago and protested the black-on-black crime and murders occurring in that city? When was the last time Ms. Williams stood outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in a black community where since Roe v Wade, 1973, some 13-15 million black lives have not mattered?

Obviously Ms. Williams is yet another of these — as Vladimir Lenin would say — “useful idiots” who is nothing more than a progressive socialist political pawn in an insidious game of distracting the black community from the failures of progressive socialism and its horrific adverse effects.

But what is most disturbing is that during what is National Police Week, this young lady would vandalize a small tribute to those who daily serve and protect, and ensure domestic tranquility. I can only bet that Ms. Williams, if she were to encounter a violent assault against her person, would call 9-11 for assistance. Thank God the folks who respond do not see her as the chucklehead who vandalized a tribute to those of the “Thin Blue Line,” but rather someone deserving of their efforts.

That, folks, is what’s so amazing about our law enforcement officers. Even in the face of such abject hatred, they continue to serve, they continue to give us the utmost of their ability. They continue to let us all know they will not let us down and they will be there. Last week I looked into the eyes of several of these officers who were forming an Honor Guard for the families of the fallen in Reagan National Airport and I thanked them. They told me how hard it is sometimes and how it hurts them and their families — but they will not quit. They are my brothers and sisters, and just like the men and women of our Armed Forces, they answer the call of duty with honor, integrity and courage. They put their lives on the line for us every day.

So one week out of the entire year we dedicate to our law enforcement officers and these disrespectful urchins and cupcakes cannot render proper regard? Yep, that angers me and one has to ask, what type of institution allows such behavior? What type of parents enable such belligerence?

When I was in South Florida I went out on late night shift ride-alongs with our LEOs in Ft. Lauderdale — and I did not ask to ride around the fancy neighborhoods. I will do the same here in Dallas. I was so honored to participate in the First Baptist Church of Dallas Police Appreciation Sunday last month. These men and women deserve much better than this, and we as adults need to train our children and grandchildren better. All I gotta say to our police officers is this: we love y’all, and please do not become despondent or dejected because of the unconscionable disparaging actions of these misguided kids. Y’all are valuable to us!

Blue lives matter, because they are our guardians!


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