BREAKING: Female suicide bomber kills at least 58

While our government continues its attempt to convince us ISIS is basically vanquished, the Islamic terror army is wreaking havoc in Iraq. In the past week, more than 140 people have been killed in wave a suicide bombings.

Two separate attacks this morning already claimed scores of lives. The Independent reports, An explosion in a market in the al-Shaab district left 38 people dead and 70 injured, while a car bomb in the al-Rasheed area killed six and wounded another 21 victims, according to police and medical sources.

But the latest, only hours ago, had a deadly twist. A female suicide attacker set off explosives in a vest killing 58 people in Baghdad.

ISIS hailed its “martyrdom operation” in al-Shaab, a predominantly Shia area, in an online statement but there was no immediate claim of responsibility for the blast in Dora, al-Rasheed.

Previous propaganda statements said militants were targeting gatherings of Shia militias known as the Popular Mobilisation Committees but officials said civilians, including women and children made up the majority of victims.

More than 100 people were killed in 24 hours of blasts that started on Wednesday morning with a car bomb in a crowded market, followed by two more blasts in the afternoon and a twin suicide bombing at dawn the following day.

On Thursday night, ISIS militants burst into a café filled with Real Madrid fans in the city of Balad and opened fire, killing at least 13 people.

Four separate bomb attacks on Sunday left at least 15 victims dead on the fifth straight day of atrocities claimed by the terrorist group.

As Col. West wrote yesterday, we have an Obama administration diplomat blowing sunshine up our butts regarding ISIS. As reported by The Guardian, “The Obama administration’s diplomatic point man in the international fight against the Islamic State has said the extremists have been losing control over territory, adding: “This perverse caliphate is shrinking.”

If ISIS is shrinking, then how can they be conducting actions in the capitol of Iraq? Furthermore, where is the Obama strategy to retake Mosul, or is this just gonna be something that a new president will inherit, along with economic and healthcare failures and collapses?

Sure looks like it will be the latter – and we’ll be the ones to suffer for it.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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