SHOCK video reveals what college students really think about Hillary…

During the campaigns of 2008 and 2012, Barack Obama afforded his fellow liberals the luxury of playing the race card. Now, Hillary Clinton has given them the woman card.

Oppose Hillary? That must be because of misogyny, we’re told. These people never seem to realize women don’t like Hillary much, either.

There are undoubtedly many who are voting for Hillary for the sole reason that she’s a woman – but how common are such epitomes of a low information voter? I (The Analytical Economist) sometimes worry that many come out of college dumber than when they entered.

But some recent reporting from Campus Reform should give us all a glimmer of hope.

At George Washington University’s graduation (located in liberal D.C.), recent graduates were asked what they think of Hillary Clinton – and even I didn’t expect their responses.

Millennials just don’t trust Hillary Clinton, and they’re sick of being told they should support her simply because she’s a woman.

“I just think that, yeah, there’s a lot of feminist pressure to vote for Hillary,” one woman acknowledged.

Another, describing herself as “definitely” a feminist, even went so far as to say “I don’t know if I would support Hillary if, like, she was a man.”

Several other young women likewise told Campus Reform that they have experienced pressure to support Hillary based solely on gender, but expressed more resentment toward the notion.

“I’ve had people come up and tell me straight out, ‘you’re a female. I can’t believe you would vote for a Republican candidate; that you would vote for an independent candidate,’” one woman recounted.

It’s refreshing to see the youth realize how much of a fraud that Hillary is. If only they would apply the same skepticism to Bernie Sanders.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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