Media in FRENZY about Trump’s women…won’t report ONE WORD about this

The Obama administration really does have a problem with credibility. We know Ben Rhodes, the Deputy National Security Advisor, admitted to basically lying to the media about the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the Iranian nuclear deal. Funny how the liberal progressive media just kinda blew that one over — imagine if it were a Republican presidential administration.

The mainstream media is all over stories of Donald Trump’s ex-girlfriends/wives/mistresses but somehow they never deem stories about our national security worthy of interest.

And now we have an Obama administration diplomat blowing sunshine up our butts regarding ISIS. As reported by The Guardian, “The Obama administration’s diplomatic point man in the international fight against the Islamic State has said the extremists have been losing control over territory, adding: “This perverse caliphate is shrinking.”

In Iraq, however, Isis launched a coordinated assault on a natural gas plant north of Baghdad that killed at least 14 people, while a string of other bomb attacks in or close to the capital killed 15 others, Iraqi officials said.

Brett McGurk, a presidential envoy to the 66-member anti-ISIS coalition, told a news conference on Sunday that the tide was turning against extremists, both online and on the battle field.”

I kind of think we need to check when was the last time Mr. McGurk visited Colorado or Washington state because he’s certainly been smoking some whacky tobacco.

Does anyone realize how completely absurd this statement truly is? We just buried a U.S. Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer Charles Keating IV, who lost his life as part of a QRF (quick reaction force) that was coming to the rescue of a military “advisory” team under ISIS assault in northern Iraq. First of all, why were our service members in such close proximity to ISIS lines without immediate close air support and accompanying ground fire support assets? Please, Secretary of Defense Carter, or maybe Ben Rhodes, tell me.

But just to elaborate on how delusional McGurk’s statement is, Fox News says, “The Islamic State group launched a coordinated assault Sunday on a natural gas plant north of the capital that killed at least 12 people, according to Iraqi officials.

The attack started at dawn with a suicide car bomber hitting the main gate of the plant in the town of Taji, about 12 miles north of Baghdad. Then several suicide bombers and militants broke into the plant and clashed with the security forces, an official said, adding that 25 troops were wounded.

A medical official confirmed the casualty figures. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to release information. The IS-affiliated Aamaq news agency credited a group of “Caliphate soldiers” for the attack.

The group has recently increased its attacks far from the front lines in a campaign that Iraqi officials say is an attempt to distract from their recent battlefield losses.

Since Wednesday, more than 100 people have been killed in a string of bombings in Baghdad and elsewhere.”

This is rather personal for me because Taji was the base of operations for the Battalion I commanded in the 4th Infantry Division in 2003. I know that ground like the back of my hand and will never forget my deployment there. Obama stated in a commencement speech that the world is better off, and the college graduates cheered? Yep, that’s a true indicator of delusion. And remember, it was Vice President Joe Biden who said Iraq would go down as one of Barack Obama’s great successes — oops.

Ya know what I find odd? This Jeff Bezos fella, who now owns the Washington Post, has supposedly unleashed a platoon of reporters to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. I must ask Mr. Bezos, what about the dirt right there happening in Washington DC in the current presidential administration?

Look, we all know the liberal progressive media is about as honest as a pet snake but c’mon folks, can you at least do a better job at trying to mask it?

Every day we see another failure of the Obama administration and yet y’all remain silent. Let me give you a clear example — if ISIS is shrinking, then how can they be conducting actions in the capitol of Iraq? Furthermore, where is the Obama strategy to retake Mosul, or is this just gonna be something that a new president will inherit, along with economic and healthcare failures and collapses?

What are those 250 Special Operators doing in Syria — maybe they should be in Iraq with the other 200 who were sent into a combat zone that isn’t combat so they can help “train and advise”.

Here is the insidious hypocrisy of the leftist media. They’re more concerned about Donald Trump and his past with women, than Obama’s present in getting our men killed.

Let me state this unequivocally: Jeff Bezos belongs to the cast of morally bankrupt characters who will do anything for the progressive socialist cause, to include turning a blind eye and not reporting and investigating a lying and corrupt Obama administration.

Bezos, just like Zuckerberg at Facebook, are more than willing to play politics with the lives of our men and women in uniform, and for that I find them reprehensible and despicable. They will not tell the truth about Obama and what is happening in the Middle East – for that you have to go to the BBC, The Guardian, or other outlets to find that out.

And any of you mindless kool-aid drinking leftist lemmings who continue to parrot the talking point that ISIS is Bush’s fault, you are also morally challenged. How can anyone dismiss the last seven and a half years of Obama failure? Oh yeah, because he’s YOUR guy and you truly do not care. Y’all tell me and everyone here, do you agree with Joe Biden’s declaration that Iraq is a great foreign policy success of Barack Obama?

It just seems to me that every time someone in the Obama administration speaks of ISIS’ demise, somebody dies — remember Kerry and Obama’s statements?

The liberal progressive media is on an all out mission to take out Donald J. Trump. What’s disgusting is that they’re failing to investigate and report the failures of the Obama administration and the all-out assault of ISIS and the global Islamic jihad, which is killing innocent people. I just have to ask, how do these cretins look at themselves in the mirror and not feel any shame?

Then again, perhaps you have to possess some inherent quality of honor, integrity and character in order to be shamed. Which it appears the liberal progressive socialist left in America does not.


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