UGH: Look who Dems are pushing for Hillary’s VP…

As Democrat voters continue to feel the Bern in unexpectedly large numbers, the Democrat establishment is increasingly worrying what will happen to those enthusiastic voters should Hillary Clinton become the Democrat nominee, as expected. Will they stay home on Election Day, rather than cast a vote for the establishment or — gasp! — cross the aisle to vote for Donald Trump?

As incredible as the latter may seem, just two nights ago in West Virginia, nearly half of those who voted for Bernie Sanders in the Democrat primary said they would vote for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump in November if Hillary Clinton is indeed the Democrat nominee. And 31 percent said they’d support neither presumptive nominee.

Against this backdrop, the drumbeat is getting louder for Hillary Clinton to choose a vice president who will appeal to this far-left, progressive — and, importantly, anti-bank, anti-establishment portion of the Democrat electorate.

Any guesses who’s name is coming up more and more? None other than the only woman who can make conservatives shudder perhaps even more than Hillary Clinton — Sen. Elizabeth “Fauxchohantas” Warren.

Via The Hill:

Democrats are openly hoping that Hillary Clinton will pick Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.

Amid concerns that supporters of Bernie Sanders will choose to stay home on Election Day, a number of Democrats see a Clinton-Warren alliance as an all-woman dream team that could ignite deep enthusiasm in the progressive base and make the 2016 Democratic presidential ticket truly historic. 

It would also eliminate the pro-Wall Street storyline that has haunted Clinton’s campaign throughout the primary season, Clinton allies believe.

Democratic strategist and presidential campaign veteran Jamal Simmons said the longer Sanders stays in the race, the more likely Clinton will select Warren.

“I think so more every day,” he said. “[Warren] solves so many problems: enthusiasm, women, young liberals, older white liberals.”

There are plenty of reasons to think Clinton would never pick Warren, who would be seen as a risky choice for a fundamentally risk-averse candidate.

However, the more Sanders continues to do well, as he did Tuesday in West Virginia, the more ammunition it gives to party progressives who want someone to represent their voices. Indeed, the reason some believe Sanders is determined to stay in the race through the June 7th California primary.

Apparently, Warren was already at the top of Vice President Joe Biden’s list for running mate, had he jumped in the ring for the Democrat nomination. And he still thinks she’s a good choice for Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

Via Politico:

Joe Biden took months to decide he wouldn’t run for president — but he was sold on Elizabeth Warren as his running mate from the start, people familiar with the situation told POLITICO.

And he still thinks the Massachusetts firebrand would be Hillary Clinton’s best choice to replace him as the nation’s No. 2 in January 2017.

Biden, a stalwart Democrat who has veered leftward in recent years — but, as a centrist senator, voted to scuttle the Glass-Steagall prohibitions on banks engaging in speculative investments — favored Warren because he needed a partner to capture the wave of anti-bank, anti-establishment anger raging to his left.

Warren, a freshman senator from Massachusetts, who supports breaking up the big banks and re-imposing 1930s-era Wall Street regulations to prevent another global financial crisis, was Biden’s “only real choice,” according to an official he spoke to at the time.

But he’s recently told associates that Warren would be an equally smart pick for Hillary Clinton, who has been sharply criticized for refusing to publish the transcripts of her high-paid speeches to the elite banking firm of Goldman Sachs.

In addition to being cringe-worthy on her own, Sen. Warren is certainly a figure who energizes the progressive base of the Democrat party. And, as Col. West warned — way back in August 2015 — Warren would be a formidable choice for the GOP to run against.

Oh, and by the way, Col. West also predicted at that time that the Dems may pull in VP Biden to replace Hillary as the Democrat presidential nominee by coronation — and that a Biden/Warren ticket will be formidable, and that the GOP had best wake up and prepare for this to happen or else they will get bushwhacked.

Now, of course, Col. West wrote this coming up on a full year ago — a lifetime in election politics — and much has happened since then, including the once-unlikely Donald Trump becoming the presumptive GOP nominee and Joe Biden officially declining not to run.

One thing hasn’t really changed, however, and that is Hillary Clinton’s failure to energize voters. She was already flaming out back in August and the fire continues to Bern more brightly than many had expected by now.

Which begs the question of whether the Dems may still be looking for their backup plan. Vice President Biden was just boasting the other day how he would’ve been the “best president“…

With that food for thought, I (Michelle Jesse) leave you with another thought penned by Col. West back in August:

So in this game of thrones and political chess, the GOP had best wake up and prepare for this to happen or else they will get bushwhacked. If the GOP runs the same ol’ white guy ticket, they’ll have once again lost by not realizing visuals are very important in the new arena of political American Idol. I do not consent to the politics of identity politics, but I am savvy enough to recognize the tactics of my adversary and make the proper adjustments. Will the GOP? There are many options for conservatives to present a challenging ticket that takes away the desired advantage Obama and the left are going to seek.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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