Trump and Ryan meeting in mere minutes…here’s MY advice to both of them

Today the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, Donald Trump, will meet with the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan.

Since the comments Speaker Ryan made about not “being ready to support” Donald Trump, and the ensuing twitter response of Mr. Trump of “not supporting the policy agenda” of Mr. Ryan, we’ve been treated to good political theater. Sp everyone will be watching for the meeting with baited breath, and some with buttered popcorn. Let me just say, now is not the time for inflated egos and posturing — we have a country on the road to perdition.

Now, I’ve always said I would support whomever the GOP nominee ends up being. That seems to be a very simple statement which some find unable to comprehend. Here is my recommendation for what should happen at this meeting, and why.

First, Trump and Ryan need to understand they both need each other; no one truly has a high ground or a mandate. In our Constitutional Republic, the very important lesson – totally lost on President Obama — is that the Founding Fathers established our federal system of governance to be based on three branches. As James Madison articulated in Federalist 51, since men are not angels, there needs to be a process of checks and balances, and separation of powers. And the most powerful branch of our government is structured to be our legislative branch — not the executive since, as Franklin stated, “we have a Republic, not a monarchy, if we can keep it.”

So it would behoove Donald Trump to realize that he needs to have a Congress able to assist him with a policy agenda that will “make America great again.”

Now, we can have a discussion about who should be the Senate and House leaders, but if Trump doesn’t have a GOP congress, his job becomes much more difficult. After all, this isn’t a reality TV show where you can just look at Members of the House and Senate and say, “You’re fired!” The only folks who can fire members of the legislative branch are the constituents whom they are supposed to represent and serve.

The GOP must realize they have culpability for the Trump phenomenon. With the majorities they had in the House and Senate, there were expectations which arose from the promises they made to voters. They failed to take a stand and have allowed the most progressive socialist president to run roughshod over them, but more importantly over the Constitution. And so the anger that’s been building in America produced Donald Trump. It is what it is, and no need to cry like babies over spilled milk.

Donald Trump may act coy and make declarations about who, or what, he does not need. That may be suitable in a primary but it will not be an effective tact in a general election. Donald Trump must learn how to govern, and it’s not just about making deals. It’s about having a vision, a policy agenda and direction that can be translated into a legislative agenda, debated, passed, and end up on his desk for signature.

And that will all work best with a GOP — a Constitutional conservative congressional GOP — that can execute a deliberate, precise series of legislation that returns the rule of law and regular order, along with fiscal sanity and our national security.

Donald Trump — or a strong charismatic, principled vice president — needs to be able to work hard and campaign to make sure the GOP House and Senate majorities are maintained. The last thing needed is a return of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Second, Paul Ryan needs to understand, if he’s serious about a growth and prosperity legislative agenda for America, that it will not happen with a President Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. To this point, the GOP has shown they are incapable of taking on Barack Obama, even with the largest Congressional majorities they’ve had post World War II. Ryan should remember the sting of 2012 when he realized folks stayed home and didn’t vote for the Romney-Ryan ticket.

You’d think he’d be the last one to take such a position and be a part of a movement inspiring Republicans to sit at home, or even worse, vote for the progressive socialist alternative. I don’t think Speaker Ryan wants to be portrayed as a spoiled loser from 2012 and for whatever reason carrying some axe which he seeks to grind.

Ryan needs Trump, the presumptive nominee to win, but he can influence Trump and start the process of the development of the policy and legislative agenda for the success, prosperity and security of the American Republic.

So this is what needs to happen today. Donald Trump and Paul Ryan need to start the beginning of a winning strategy. They need to start getting on the same sheet of music and set the conditions for a restorative vision for America. They need to speak as one going forward by finding the common ground.

This policy and legislative agenda has to be rooted in the fundamental principles of this Constitutional Republic — limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty/liberty, free market economy, and strong national security.

They need to create a team that begins putting together our tax, economic, monetary, regulatory and spending reforms. They need to structure the 21st century American energy security portfolio. They need to have a plan on a true free market solution for healthcare and better education opportunities. America as a sovereign nation needs a secure border. And we MUST reinvigorate our national security and have a foreign policy that advances restoring American regard and respect.

That is how you unify. It’s not about empty rhetoric; it’s about a plan that can be disseminated and executed. Do I think that will happen? Dunno. But, that’s what would happen if we have leaders — not populists, not political insiders…but rather folks who realize the American people are hurting, and mad.

The voters have spoken. We don’t need any more slogans. We need to know “how.” And trust me, most of America honestly knows that the world of unicorns and rainbows from Obama, Clinton, and Sanders does not work.

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