Forget white privilege: here’s what liberals are SHAMING people for now…

In today’s crazy world of liberalism, left is right, up is down, wealth is poverty, and obesity is health.

As the number of actual social problems in the first world continues to dwindle, I introduce you to the world of “fat activism.” As HeatStreet reports:

The University of Minnesota’s School of Public Health was a lot less healthy this week.

In celebration of “International No Diet Day,” the school of public health,together with the University of Minnesota’s School of Social Work and its College of Food and Agriculture, invited Virgie Tovar, a self-proclaimed “fat activist,” to instruct America’s future nutritionists, dietitians and social workers on the finer points of “fat oppression.”

You read that correctly: “fat oppression.”

Here’s some background on the latest form of oppression:

Tovar’s talk, entitled “Dispelling Myths: Fat, Fatphobia, and Challenging Social Stereotypes,” was designed to help students understand that “fat phobia” is rampant in a “white, heteronormative society” that is looking to actively oppress people with larger body types. Society’s bias against fat people is, apparently, a form of bigotry and discrimination, evident in everything from sexual preferences to the size of seats on public transportation.

She even, reportedly, compared society’s anti-fat culture to so-called “rape culture,” and chastised society for its obsession with what she termed “thin privilege.”

According to Tovar, the students, who study public health (at one of the top 10 schools for public health), shouldn’t push people they deem overweight to shed pounds, even if it’s better overall for health. “Weight loss is not a realistic goal for most people,” she said, declaring that exercise and diet are “social constructs.” She implored her audience to “lose hate, not weight” and rebel against “diet culture.” (Diets are, of course, just a tool of the hetero-normative Patriarchy.)

Tovar’s website instructs us to “lose hate, not weight,” though “she did not specify how “losing hate” would have the same impact on, say, your chances of dying of heart disease. Not surprisingly, her educational background is in political science-human sexuality – nothing related to health.

Pizza was reportedly served at the event. No word on whether “thin” crust was prohibited.

[Note: This post was authored by Matt Palumbo. Follow him on Twitter @MattPalumbo12]


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