Donald Trump just got the support of the group ALL conservatives WANT

Hillary Clinton may have an advantage over Donald Trump in that she can boast decades of foreign policy experience, but according to polls among troops, that doesn’t seem to matter. Maybe that’s because they’ve seen how poorly her foreign policy has played out in practice.

In a new survey conducted by Military Times, our men and women have a pretty clear choice.

As The Hill reported: Active-duty service members prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by 2-to-1, according to an informal survey released Monday by Military Times.

In the survey of 951 active-duty troops, reservists and National Guardsmen, 54 percent said they would vote for Trump in a match-up against Clinton, the Democratic front-runner. Twenty-five percent said they would vote for Clinton.

And 21 percent said they would not vote at all in that scenario.

Clinton’s rival, Bernie Sanders, fares somewhat better against Trump. In that match-up, 51 percent of respondents said they would vote for Trump, 38 percent said Sanders and 11 percent said they would not vote all.

Comments attached to the survey showed displeasure for the entire field, and several of the people polled said they planned to vote for a third-party candidate, according to Military Times.

“They all suck,” one respondent wrote.

The military has always leaned right, and in this poll “About half of the respondents identified as Republican, and 18 percent said they were Democrats.” If you look at active-duty military personnel, 46 percent identify as conservative, while only 8 percent identify as liberal – so this poll may have underrepresented the extent to which Trump will outperform Hillary.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]


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