Train stations evacuated in 3 cities over new terror threats

Would it be alarmist to say there seems to be a disturbing pattern emerging in Europe?

This morning we reported on the knife-wielding Islamist who shouted “Allahu Akbar” as he stabbed one man to death and injured three others at a commuter train station outside Munich.

But that’s not all.

The Daily Mail reports Railway stations and public spaces in three cities in the Czech Republic have been evacuated after warnings of a terror attack involving up to ten bombs.

The national police force received an anonymous tip-off this morning, sparking a major response in the capital Prague and the cities of Pardubice and Plzen.

Authorities said they were informed that a bomb had been left at the central railway station in Prague and at other places across the country.

Police chief Marketa Janovska told the local media: ‘An anonymous person informed us by telephone that there were bombs at the central railway station in Prague and other places across the Czech Republic.’

According to Czech Radio, a call was made to police earlier today and there was a warning that the ten bombs would go off at 15-minute intervals around the country.

Naturally there’s no mention of who might be behind this. Just as news reports for the German suspect say he was mentally disturbed and has no ties to ISIS or any organized group.

Of course we all know the “organized group” these folks all belong to…but political correctness prevents us from mentioning it right now.

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