If your husband or wife did what Obama and Hillary just did, would you trust them EVER again?

The United States of America is chock full of some very great organizations and clubs which have historic backgrounds. I’ve had the opportunity to speak at some of them, like the Union League Club. And there other fictional clubs which have made their way into our culture such as the “He-Man, Women-Haters Club,” the Breakfast Club, the Fight Club, and the venerable group made famous by the B52s, the Deadbeat Club. I love that video, here it is — and come to think of it, the Bernie Sanders crowd kinda reminds me of this club — remember, the Democrat presidential candidate didn’t work until he as almost 40 years old.

Well, there’s another club associated with the Democrat Party and they won’t be too proud of it.

As reported by the New York Post, “The old warning to beware of lies, damned lies and statistics deserves an update. Nowadays, we must also beware of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bill de Blasio. The unholy trinity comprises the leaders of the Democratic Liars Club. Whether born or convicted, the president of the United States, his would-be successor and the mayor of New York are, to borrow a phrase, “people of the lie.”

This is not to accuse them of being merely imperfect humans. It is to say they are chronically dishonest and concoct such significant lies that they deserve zero public trust.

The latest clincher is the admission of a top White House aide that much about the Iranian nuclear deal was a fabrication sold to a lazy, gullible press corps. Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes boasts that most reporters were too dumb to know or care they were being misled.

“The average reporter we talk to is 27 years old, and their only reporting experience consists of being around political campaigns,” Rhodes told The New York Times. “They literally know nothing.”

He said that much of what passed for independent analysis of Iran in the media was a regurgitation of White House talking points. “We created an echo chamber,” he gloated. “They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.”

Rhodes thus joins the infamous Jonathan Gruber, the administration insider caught conceding that Obamacare was designed to exploit the “stupidity of the American voter.” If people understood the plain meaning, Gruber said, the law would not have survived.”

And yet, with all these hard facts, Obama is the president, Hillary Clinton wants to be president, and de Blasio — and that’s not his real name (he was born Warren Wilhelm) — is the mayor of the largest city in America.

Now I just gotta ask you, how is it that Hillary Clinton, who once said she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire, contrary to video, can even be considered as a potential presidential candidate? And between Obama and Hillary, they both abandoned Americans to die at Benghazi — heck, even a Libyan Air Force C-130 was dispatched to retrieve our dead, and then they lied about it…to the families, and to the entire nation. And de Blasio, well, that fella is just a whacky socialist nutcase. I like Fox Business News commentator Charlie Gasparino’s characterization of “Comrade Bill” to describe him.

“The twin admissions mean Obama’s self-described legacy accomplishments — the Iran deal and the Affordable Care Act — are fraudulent to the core. Even worse, Obama himself led the charge for both scams, insisting that anyone who opposed the Iran deal wanted war, and that under Obamacare, “you can keep your doctor.”

The implications are enormous and resolve any doubts that Obama is a con man in a league of his own. Instead of getting the Nobel Peace Prize, he is worthy of the Joseph Goebbels Award for proving Goebbels’ claim that “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

So what does it say about us as a nation, or truthfully, those who declare themselves as registered Democrats? It appears they have dual membership, one with the Deadbeat Club and the other as full fledged members of the Democratic Liars Club…after all, they’re providing their complete electoral patronage. And what of the liberal progressive media who are in total complicit lock step with these perpetrators of the false narrative? Just imagine their glee in reporting if these offenses were done by a Republican — heck we still hear, and see bumper stickers on nasty looking cars that say “Bush Lied” in reference to Iraq. In the case of Obama, Clinton, and de Blasio, we’d need countless billboards.

This is a presidential election year, and when you examine the electoral map, it’s rather odd. The Democrats start with a serious head start by way of over 200 electoral votes in the bag due to the designated “Blue States” that have voted Dem the past six presidential elections. And one only needs 270 electoral college votes to win. Basically the deduction is that the Dems only need to win one state, like an Ohio or Florida to secure the Oval Office — since they have states like Washington, Oregon, California, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and others already in the bag.

Shall we rename these states the Deadbeat and Liars Club states?

Why is it that folks such as Obama, Hillary, and de Blasio all receive get out of jail free cards when it comes to moral character?

“It is a reflection of Washington’s hollowed-out morals, and Obama’s personal corruption, that Clinton has not been charged in the email scandal. Her failure to protect national-security secrets make her unfit for any office, yet millions of Americans are ready to entrust her with their well-being and safety.

As for Mayor de Blasio’s misconduct, it has not risen to such corrosive destructiveness, but that’s only because his office limits his opportunities. But as the hydra-headed scandals swallowing his mayoralty suggest, he has rarely missed an opportunity to deceive the public by saying one thing and doing another.

The latest report has the feds investigating his 2013 campaign, which comes on top of probes focused on possible financial shenanigans in 2014, 2015 and this year. In short, much of his career is suspected of being one long crime wave.

Like his pals in the Democratic Liars Club, de Blasio fights truth with imaginary victimization. “How convenient that when we’re doing a lot of work to help everyday people, there’s all sorts of efforts being made to obscure that work,” he said of the probes.”

As we go into this election cycle, I think it’s time we do a self-evaluation of ourselves as a voting electorate. As Forest Gump would say, “stupid is as stupid does,” and I just gotta say, we have to be a special kind of stupid to elect this type of folks into positions of leadership in America. As Benjamin Franklin is attributed with saying, “sometimes you get the government you want, other times you get the government you deserve” but our children and grandchildren deserve better from us. Today there’s a presidential primary contest, and we still have more to go before the general election in November.

As you head to the polls, ask yourself, do you want a membership in the Deadbeat and Liars Club? If so, then I certainly know for whom you will cast your ballot. And that will be your legacy — not mine.


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