WOW: Reporter asks White House to say Obama admin never lied about Iran deal; watch STUNNING response

Last week, The New York Times revealed that the Obama administration used “largely manufactured” narrative and “often misleading or false” statements in selling the Iran deal to the American public. The #ShockingNotShocking revelation came out of the NYT interview with Ben Rhodes, a national security adviser to President Barack Obama.

In apparent response to the incredibly damning revelations, a reporter today asked White House spokesperson Josh Earnest if he could state “categorically” that no senior member of the Obama administration had ever lied about the Iran deal.

You must see his response.

Via The Blaze:

When asked by a reporter Monday if he can say “categorically” that no senior Obama administration official “has ever lied publicly about any aspect of the Iran nuclear deal,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest seemingly replied, “No.”

Without addressing the “lie” question, Earnest continued to tout the benefits of the Iran nuclear deal as perceived by the White House.

“I think that the facts of this agreement and the benefits of this agreement make clear that the national security of the United States of America has been enhanced and Iran’s effort to acquire a nuclear weapon has been set back,” he said.

[Meanwhile, in other news, Iran today touted its successful test-firing of a medium-range ballistic missile capable of striking U.S. forces in the region, as well as Israel — in defiance of a United Nations resolution that calls on Iran to cease work on its ballistic missile program — and seemingly putting a, dare we say, lie to the White House’s claims. As Fox News reported, it was the third such test since the nuclear agreement with Western nations took effect in January, multiple defense officials confirmed to news agency.]

Fox News White House correspondent Kevin Corke offered Earnest a second chance to answer his initial question on whether any senior administration official had “lied publicly” about the agreement.

“There is no evidence that that ever occurred,” Earnest replied.

Watch the full exchange, starting at the 1:43:57 mark:

The question surely comes as a response to a stunning New York Times profile in which Ben Rhodes, national security adviser to President Barack Obama, reportedly revealed that the administration pushed out intentionally misleading information to Americans in order to sell the deal.

Rhodes’s assistant, Ned Price, also spoke about how the administration was able to use its “compadres” in the media to get its message out.

The sad part about all of this is that, while stunning, the revelations in the NYT profile are not entirely shocking with regard to this administration, who seems to believe (and apparently is right) that it can lie with impunity.

As evidenced, once again, by the fact that Josh Not-So-Earnest apparently didn’t even try very hard to give a convincing response when asked if any senior Obama administration official has ever lied about the Iran deal.

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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