WOW: Hillary’s plan for guns should have every conservative FIGHTIN’ MAD

When a liberal tells you they support “common sense gun control,” be sure to ask for specifics, because they’re usually anything but “common sense.”

Hillary Clinton has made the NRA a frequent target on the issue of gun control – an odd choice considering the organization has a higher approval rating than she does. As for some of her specific “common sense” proposals, Breitbart has counted down the top six:

Consider Australian-style gun ban–On October 16 an audience member asked, “[Regarding] handguns…Australia recently managed to take away tens of thousands–even millions–of handguns, and in one year they were all gone. Can we do that? And if we can’t, why can’t we?” Clinton answered by pointing not only to Australia but Canada and the UK as well. She described the bans in all three countries as “a good example” of how other countries reacted to high-profile crime and suggested the Australian ban, in particular, “would be worth considering…on the national level” in the U.S.

That’s of course a gross oversimplification of what happened in Australia – and neglects that UK’s gun crime has been higher since their gun ban.

Allow Crime Victims To Sue Gun Manufacturers–In addition to an Australian-style gun ban, Clinton proposes eliminating the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act’s prohibition to frivolous lawsuits against gun makers. This would allow crime victims and anti-gun attorneys to sue gun makers for incidents in which criminals misuse firearms, even if those firearms were lawfully made and sold prior to being obtained illegally (stolen) by the criminal.

Allow Crime Victims to Sue Gun Sellers–This point is very similar to Clinton’s push against gun manufacturers. It would open up Federal Firearms License holders to suits from crime victims over the misuse of guns that were lawfully sold, then illegally obtained (stolen) by criminals.

During a March 6 Democrat debate presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders made clear that Clinton’s plans to open up gun makers and sellers to such frivolous suits will result in one thing–the elimination of gun manufacturing in America.

The past two make about as much sense as letting drivers sue automakers if they’re injured in an accident, or suing food companies for obesity.

Replace Instant Background Checks With Indefinite Background Checks–Clinton wants to expand the time frame in which a background for a gun purchase is conducted. The current time frame is “instant”–via the National Instant Criminal Background Check System–but there is an allowance for the FBI to take up to three days to complete the criminal records search on a would-be gun buyer. Clinton wants to expand the FBI’s three day allowance by transforming it into an indefinite amount of time to complete a search.

This one seems to replace a current gun control measure that actually is common sense with just the opposite.

Outlaw Private Gun Sales and Add No-Fly List to Background Checks–These two proposals go together because they illustrate the tactic of limiting the avenues available for law-abiding gun purchases, while simultaneously tightening the parameters for such purchases. Step 1: Outlaw private gun sales by implementing universal background checks–the same checks in place in California and Paris. These checks bar gun owners from selling a firearm without government oversight and paperwork. Step 2: Add the ambiguous no-fly list to the background checks system’s prohibited persons list, thereby quickly increasing the number of Americans barred from making gun purchases to begin with.

Considering that a Madam President would have a Republican congress to get through, it’s unlikely that these proposals would get very far. Still, considering how wildly unpopular these proposals sound to everyone outside the far-left demographic she’s targeting, hopefully she doesn’t stop voicing them.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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