The first thing Trump may be FORCED to do after Election Day isn’t pretty…

Donald Trump has threatened a number of lawsuits over the past year – six different candidates or organizations since launching his campaign, to be specific. He never followed through on any of them, but as Time Magazine reports, one filed against him is catching up with him at an inconvenient time.

Donald Trump will testify after the presidential election on a class-action lawsuit that accuses the billionaire businessman and his now-defunct Trump University of defrauding people who paid up to $35,000 for real estate seminars, his attorney said Friday.

A federal judge in San Diego set a Nov. 28 trial, raising the possibility that Trump could take the stand as a president-elect if he wins the White House. The presumptive GOP nominee plans to attend most, if not all, of trial and will take the witness stand, Trump lawyer Daniel Petrocelli said.

Trump’s attorneys resisted the idea of bringing the six-year-old case to trial while the real estate mogul was in the race, with Petrocelli asking for February trial. Plaintiffs had suggested June.

Businesses and businesspeople are sued all the time, and: Since the early 1980s, Trump personally has been sued at least 150 times in federal court, records show. Only a handful of those cases are pending, with the ones involving Trump University being the most significant.

Obviously jail is out of the question, as the lawsuit is seeking $40 million in restitution for those who paid tuition to “Trump University.”

Both Trump and Hillary Clinton are now facing a few surprises around the time of the election. Healthcare premiums are set to increase on November 1st due to Obamacare – the legacy of which Hillary promises to continue. Additionally, the FBI investigation into her private email server could progress substantially before the election.

Neither candidate is in an ideal position – both already plagued by historically high unfavorability ratings, though Trump at least has the benefit that his legal issues won’t be an issue until after the election.

[Note: This post was authored by The Analytical Economist]

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