Students SPEECHLESS when they learn this fact about Hillary

If you have any doubt the liberal media and VERY liberal college campuses are completely brainwashing the “yoots” of today, take a gander at this video.

As astonished as these young people are that Hillary Clinton is not in fact just a normal middle-class person, I am astonished they could actually believe she is.

All I’m hearing about is the hundreds of thousands of dollars she’s racked up for speaking engagements and the millions she and Bubba Bill have amassed since leaving the White House and Capitol Hill. But apparently those facts never even make it through the haze of whatever news content these students are injesting.

As The Blaze reports, When Campus Reform correspondent Cabot Phillips quizzed young people on the lavish “cribs” of 2016 presidential candidates outside the White House, he got a variety of guesses — from Marco Rubio to Ben Carson and even Donald Trump.

What the respondents didn’t realize was each of the four multi-million dollar homes featured in the quiz — valued as high as $13 million — once belonged to Hillary Clinton.

It’s heartening to see the respondents say it will change their opinion of Hillary. Perhaps this is why she’s still getting beaten by Sanders.

Fingers crossed…

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]


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