Poison Pill: Two more GOP leaders announce they WILL NOT vote for Trump

When this presidential primary started, we had SEVENTEEN candidates on the GOP side. It was an unwieldy number from the outset, with main event and undercard debates back-to-back. It was worse than watching the early elimination rounds of “American Idol” – but not a lot different, frankly.

Millions of Americans have gone to the polls and caucused in the meantime and cast their votes. This was the year of the “outsider” — Ted Cruz, apparently loathed by his Capitol Hill colleagues and Donald Trump, apparently loathed by just about everyone in the DC establishment led the pack.

Isn’t that ironic? Despite the fact that Donald Trump has contributed to the campaigns of many Republicans (and Democrats), the political elitists still don’t want him in the club.

One by one, they’re coming forward and announcing they will not vote for Trump in the general election. They’re not going to support Hillary; they’re simply going to sit this one out.

The latest to swallow the poison pill of defeat are former Florida governor Jeb Bush and Senator Lindsey Graham.

In a lengthy Facebook post, Bush writes “the president requires great fortitude and humility and the temperament and strong character to deal with the unexpected challenges that will inevitably impact our nation in the next four years. Donald Trump has not demonstrated that temperament or strength of character. He has not displayed a respect for the Constitution. And, he is not a consistent conservative. These are all reasons why I cannot support his candidacy.”

Bush wrote that he also won’t back Hillary Clinton, whom he described as an “untrustworthy liberal.”

Both former Bush presidents, George H. W. and W., plan to sit on the sidelines this campaign and will not attend the GOP convention.

Senator Lindsey Graham, who couldn’t even generate one percent of support in his home state of South Carolina has also announced he’ll sit this one out in a series of tweets.


These folks simply don’t get it. For years, anger and disappointment has been growing among “the little people” – the garden-variety Republicans who’ve watched as the candidates they worked so hard to elect to Congress have done nothing to stop the liberal progressive tide of spending and pandering. They dutifully voted for John McCain and Mitt Romney because the establishment shoved these candidates down their throats and said they’re the only ones who were “electable.” Epic fail.

Now there’s a candidate in Donald Trump who’s firing up the electorate precisely because he IS the anti-Jeb, the anti-Lindsey. He doesn’t play by the old-school rules and the establishment can’t stand it.

It just amazes me that prominent members of the Republican Party would rather hand the election to an “untrustworthy liberal” — but perhaps in their case it’s the devil they know.

[Note: This article was written by Michele Hickford]

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