JUST IN: Sources reveal FBI will do this to Hillary ‘in coming days’

We’re all sick and tired of hearing about this development or that in the investigation into former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. The only development most of us want to hear anymore is that she’s getting fitted for her orange jumpsuit.

Well, we’re still waiting for that, but here’s one more signal that the investigation may be in its waning days.

This comes the day after it was revealed close aides of Clinton, including right-hand woman Huma Abedin, have already been interviewed by the FBI — some, more than once. And just three days after Clinton maintained that neither she or her representative had had any contact with the FBI. (Yes, that might look like a bold-faced lie to you and me, but to be fair, her campaign said the word “representatives” might be open to interpretation. Kinda like the definition of “is.”)

So this progress in the investigation would appear to be some good news, in that we may be closer to hearing the FBI’s findings in this matter. I know we’re all prepared for any recommendation the FBI may have to indict Hillary just to be dismissed by Obama’s Department of Justice. But, really, could the timing for Hillary Clinton be much worse than having this all come to a head as she continues to unsuccessfully bat the fly that is Bernie Sanders away and face the prospect of Donald Trump’s onslaught?

[Note: This article was written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor]


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